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As someone who travels frequently I absolutely hate the price of getting a car to the airport in New York. It doesn’t seem to matter what time of day I travel, it’s always expensive and regularly over $100. Someone clearly has been listening to my inner monologue while sitting in traffic and paying a fortune because today Gotham Air announced its debut. 

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New York City to JFK or Newark (EWR) in six minutes. Gotham Air seems to be the next of the “disruptive” crowd sourced tech approaches to travel. The service is based on crowd sourcing, meaning, they find other people with a similar itinerary to fill the seats, theoretically saving you a fortune off of renting your own chopper. Once the chopper’s four seats are filled you are good to go and the ride is confirmed! I have requested to beta the app and without viewing it imagine it to be similar to requesting an Uber. More on this soon (hopefully). Aside from a name that makes you think of Batman, Gotham Air offers a few “Bruce Wayne” amenities like drinks and hors d’oeuvres by Thomas Keller’s Bouchon Bakery as well as private transfers and lounge access once at the airport.

a car on a road

This is all too new for me to have a full opinion but I think it could be cool and for 99 bucks, what do you really have to lose especially with the Tesla ride? I am not sure that I would be wiling to pay the $199 per person for all subsequent flights unless it was a life or death emergency but I am sure there are plenty out there who are! The service is currently solely operating from Manhattan to New York’s major airports and vacation destinations. A ride from any of three heliports in Manhattan to Newark Liberty (EWR) or John F. Kennedy (JFK) will run you $99 for your first ride. I for one think this could be worth a try for a special occasion or an absolutely manic business schedule! 

Will you be giving this a go? As always, godsavethepoints@gmail.com

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