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There’s something anticlimactic about New Years Eve being over in a matter of seconds. Once the 3,2, 1 hits, everyone turns into a pumpkin and disperse to begin 2018. But what if you could have a do over, getting double the New Years Eve pleasure – and perhaps even more?

2AM In Sydney

Private Jet company Private Fly is has created the most tempting reason to take out a second mortgage yet. Departing from Sydney Australia, guests can ring in the New Year in Sydney Harbor, enjoying a full New Years Eve in “the future”, ahead of everyone else on earth. But at 2AM, you’ll be swept off your feet, and into a private car destined for Sydney Kingsford Airport.

Dom Anyone?

At 2AM, your Gulfstream G650ER, the fastest production private jet on the planet will be ready for take off. Of course there’s no security or anything to go through, so you can arrive about 1:59, or call it two sharp – for fun. The plane can hold 13 passengers and features high def entertainment system, speakers and your own flight attendant serving only the poshest and priciest of drinks and canapés.

Afternoon On The Beach

But that’s hardly where the fun ends. The plane with fly through the night, turning back the clock for an early afternoon arrival in HAWAII. Oh yes, that’s right. Flying at over 600MPH, the pilots will use this 10 hour party flight to get you on the ground in sunny Honolulu by about 3:30PM… on December 31st, ready to start the New Years Eve party all over again. Two new years in one year, celebrating both with your feet firmly planted on the ground.

The Money Part

Now I know what you’re thinking – I don’t want just one $22,300 ticket to party with strangers, I want the whole plane. Fortunately, that second mortgage can procure a $290,000 fully private ride, and you can even invite 12 friends. Of course, it only gets you one way from Sydney to Honolulu, but if you can fork over that kinda change – we’re willing to bet you can find your way home. After the hangover subsides, of course.

They’re taking reservations for next year, just FYI.



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