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Help, I’m an addict. We wrote extensively about how to find, book and maximize error fares this week, but one important element we neglected to mention – is how addicting they are. For the last three years, my boss in my non travel related job (which I’ll be leaving, to write full time) always used to say “I always try to see if I can book the fares, even if I can’t use them, because it’s just such a rush”. The rush is indeed a huge rush and we ended up booking so many error fares and great deals this year, that we’re going homeless. Kind of – I’ll explain.

a map of the world with red linesEarlier This Year We Announced We’re Leaving New York And Moving To London. That’s Still Kind Of True, BUT…

Laura (my wife) and I have been happily living in New York for the last five years, but we’re ready to move on. Our plan was to find a place in September, for an October move to London. After two more recent bookings, it’s now literally useless to have a place until mid January – because we won’t be home, at all. We’ll be quite literally home-less. We have more than 40 flights coming up in the next 120 days of the year, with no more than a week and a half on the ground at any time. So we’re going to go full nomad. Why not right? Here’s a peek at our flights.

a man and woman standing in front of an airplane engineHere’s A List Of Places We’ll Be In – In Case You’d Like To Say Hello, Suggest Things To Do, Offer An Airbnb, Hotel, Tour Or Activity That Wants A Review…

With the mystery of the “Catch Me If You Can” contest, I can’t quite give away the exact dates we’ll be in each city publicly, but if anyone emails, I’ll be happy to share. Nonetheless- we’ll be in New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Vancouver, Tokyo, Doha, Sydney, Auckland, Queenstown, Luxembourg, Oslo, Dublin, Seattle, Zurich, Mumbai, Delhi, Agra, Udaipur, Kyoto and probably a few I can’t remember at the moment..

a table with food and a tv in the middle of an airplaneAnd The Question On Many People’s Minds – How Can You Do This?

It’s a great question and one I’m happy to be very candid about. Even with in depth knowledge on deals, points and savings it’s not easy. We don’t have unlimited income, and during this time we’ll have even more limited income. These trips came together using a variety of mistake fares, points inspirations, Airbnb and other money saving opportunities.


$640 Qatar Airways Business Class Round Trip Amsterdam-Tokyo.

$732 ANA Business Class Round Trip. Vancouver – Sydney.

$1100 Swiss Business Class Round Trip Zurich – Mumbai.

Using Chase, Amex And Citi Points To Connect The Dots.

Hyatt, Marriott, SPG and Airbnb Stays…

I’m fortunate that the nature of my work allows me to be virtually anywhere, and it’s a privilege never lost on me. My takeaway from looking at the road map ahead – is that anyone can do this, at least for a stretch. Obviously many people have very little vacation time, but if you were able to get a month, it’s entirely possible to weave the world of points, deals, clever destinations and other things into an unforgettable nomadic experience. It’s fun putting all the tips and ideas on this site into full blown action.

Feel free to get in touch: Gilbert @ GodSaveThePoints . com

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  1. Totally agree about the privileges of being able to work from anywhere. As a travel blogger you get some pretty awesome views from your office. I always make a point to stop, drink in the view and appreciate how lucky I am. In my previous job my office overlooked the incinerator!

    You are doing a few of the same places as me between now and January. I am also flying through Auckland, Queenstown, Doha and San Francisco. I’ll look out for you! Looking forward to reading all about the trips.

  2. I think I have to start a blog, I do twice as much flying as this….. maybe I do have something to offer….

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