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Like a great poker player you’ve got to know when to fold your miles. That hold em’ or fold em’ moment crosses my mind on the first of every month. Air France/KLM offer “Promo” awards on the first of every month where they discount the number of miles you’ll need to visit a variety of “promo” destinations. Each month the cities change, the deals change but there are values to be had. Given that you can transfer both Citi and American Express points into their frequent flyer program, it’s easy to create enough miles for the trip of your dreams. Even if you never plan on paying for a flight with them! To clarify in advance, all these itineraries are valid in either direction and if you only need one way it’s half the miles found in the posts below. Additionally, on most of these itineraries that just mention “Europe” you can connect to almost any European city for the same cost…. Enjoy.

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The Economy Deals 

Europe to Houston Texas: 90,000 Round Trip (25% off)

Europe to Dominican Republic: Round Trip 90,000 (25% off)

Europe to Osaka: 40,000 Round Trip (50% off)

Europe to Dubai: 30,000 Round Trip (25% off)

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The Business Deals 

Europe to Osaka: 100,000 Round Trip (50% off) Amazing!

Europe to Vancouver: 93,750 Round Trip (25% off)

Europe to Montreal: 93,750 Round Trip (25% off) 

Europe to Cairo: 75,000 Round Trip (25% off) 

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ALL of these deals are found and booked DIRECTLY Here. Whether you’re holding tons of Air France miles and want to get some free flights or have some Amex or Citi points and have been waiting for the right opportunity to cash in for great value awards this could be a perfect situation. The “Flying Blue” Air France and KLM program is not the most generous using miles but with the discounts it makes the values amongst the most competitive out there, especially given their low surcharges, taxes and fees. If you found something glorious you plan on booking do let me know, it makes my day!

As Always, Get in Touch: GodSaveThePoints@gmail.com

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