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It’s a ridiculous statement, isn’t it? You spending hours and hours in the most luxurious airline seat in the sky, with a private room – all for buying a latte and eating dinner. It sounds too good to be true, but it’s really, truly, honestly not. Without any millionaire requirements there’s a way to leverage a few incredible promotions and offers into the best flying experience on earth. Here’s how.

a bed in a planeStart With The Credit Card Offering 60,000 Miles For A Purchase.

The Barclaycard Aviator Red “AAdvantage” card is a smashing deal. We say latte- but any purchase after approval will trigger the 60,000 point bonus. That’s remarkable. Yep, a pack of gum, newspaper or a Bentley would each trigger your 60,000 points. The card has a $95 annual fee, but the points alone are worth thousands. Plus- you get free checked bags with American all year.

a large white building with domes and towersThen Use American AAdvantage Dining For 2,500 Bonus Points…

Who knew your dinner habits could be so lucrative. To make your first class flight happen, you’ll need 62,500 miles. Fortunately, you can earn the extra 2,500 miles needed just by eating dinner- thanks to a lucrative dining bonus. American Airlines AAdvantage will give you 1,500 bonus miles for your first meal, and 500 for each subsequent meal. Just spend $25 bucks on a meal. Easy.

a room with a bar and chairsAmerican Charges 62,500 Miles For Etihad First Apartments…

You can fly from Europe to the Middle East in an apartment in the sky for just 62,500 miles. This works vice versa as well. For just 40,000 miles you can take a shorter journey within the Middle East and India, or for 50,000 miles, you can fly between the Middle East and Asia. Basically- you can spend at least 8 hours in total luxury just for buying dinner and a coffee. Note: Etihad flies their A380 with the fancy apartment between Paris, London and Abu Dhabi.

a bed in an airplaneBooking The Dream Flight Is Fairly Easy Too…

Assuming you can handle the coffee (or tea) and the eating part- all that’s left with your 62,500 miles is booking your ridiculously posh flight. To do so, you need to find “guest” space on Etihad. You can search for guest space on the Etihad Website, following the steps laid out here. To then book the seats, you can just call the American Airlines AAdvantage customer service number.



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  1. Your blog is consistently a month behind current news. If you were actually up to date with what’s going on, you’d know that AA can no longer see award space. Check your facts before posting articles that waste people’s time.

    1. Oh really, blowhard? Then why was I able to book one of these yesterday- using the American call center in the US? Do your own research.

  2. Click bait my ass. CC pimping my ass. I get nothing at all from Barclaycard- no one does. It’s just a fantastic offer, which non pricks like yourself will find a very fruitful way to get started in points and miles. But you know it all.

    1. clearly not as infatuated as you are with leaving useless comments and wasting both of our times. But thanks for the clicks. Be sure to drop an email any time and I’ll be happy to discuss your angst.

      1. Lets be clear. You don’t leave criticism. Criticism would imply intelligent, thought provoking methods of improvement. Don’t fool yourself into thinking that your comments offered any hope or intent to improve an article. You were looking for an easy way to put someone down. You succeeded, and instead of me just sitting here like Butters from South Park and saying “oh geez, ok, maybe he’s right, I’m just a clickbait loser” I defend myself.

        To the contrary, while I love a lot that those blogs do, there are hardly any days where we cover the same thing. I wish you the best in creating constructive criticism so that you can appear to be a character of substance and not a complete prick/bellend.

  3. Ignore the troll he’s probably in his mom’s basement gorging on Cheetos.

    While it’s true that people are still sometimes having issues with redeeming for Etihad on AA, it’s not impossible…and in any case there are other good uses for the miles too.

    It’s a great offer for a great card. I already have the red card, actually it was converted from the legacy USAirways Barclay card and so I retain the 10k annual bonus (not sure if that’s still a feature with new cards?)

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