a postcard with a couple of women in garments and palm trees

If you are among the many New Yorkers wondering if you have moved to Alaska without knowing it you are probably also thinking how nice a warm vacation would be in the new year. One of the best, easiest and most popular vacations for New Yorkers is Florida. A free roundtrip ticket using half the usual miles is within your grasp from the unlikeliest of carriers.

a postcard with a couple of women in garments and palm trees

Many New Yorkers who enjoy jetsetting to Florida collect Jet Blue, US Airways, American or Delta miles and I am here to tell you to STOP. Roundtrip flights from New York to Florida on any of the above airlines cost a minimum of 25,000 miles round trip per person. Of all things, you can fly on US Airways or American for 15,000 miles using British Airways Avios. British Airways is in the same alliance as American and US Airways therefore you can use miles to fly on any of the carriers even if your miles are not with them. Basically you never need to fly on British Airways to collect miles and you can use your British Airways miles for flights on other airlines.  

I know what you are thinking….I don’t have any British Airways Avios. 

Avios are well within your grasp because you can transfer points from Chase or American Express directly to British Airways and use your points to book a flight to Florida or anywhere within 10 minutes of the transfer! Saving 10,000 miles per person round trip can help stretch to get two people down for free or create a second round trip for a single traveller. American Express is currently running a promotion with British Airways where you receive a 40% bonus on any miles transferred (thru Jan 31st). If you transferred just 22,000 American Express Points you would have 30,000 British Airways Avios giving you enough for two round trips! British Airways miles are based on distance unlike US carriers so the shorter the trip the less miles. If a ski vacation is more up your alley a round trip flight to Montreal on American or US Airways is only 9,000 British Airways Avios, 16,000 less than either US carrier would charge!

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To transfer from either of these programs simply create a free British Airways account, login to your Chase or American Express account, link your British Airways Frequent Flier account and transfer the points you need! Are you going to transfer and book some flights? Warm, happy travels!

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