a view of the eiffel tower from the trees

Ooh la la, indeed…

Standing atop Montmartre, it’s impossible not to feel inspired. The beautiful city of Paris sits down below, heavenly aromas from local bakeries are everywhere and in that moment, you know the trip was totally worth it. Paris is more “worth it” now than ever before and getting there has never been more within your reach. Air Canada and quite a few great airlines have round trip flights starting at just $305 and at that price, you just can’t go wrong…

ParisThe Paris Flight Deals

Air Canada flies modern, comfortable planes to Paris and the airline is making a serious case to give them a whirl $305 round trip flights. If that’s not your style, American and United have also jumped in the game. With Air Canada, you’ll connect in Toronto or Montreal, and if you want, you can even stopover and experience one of these gems as a side trip. Of course, you can just fly to Paris too. There are hot deals available from New York, San Francisco, Boston, Washington DC, Miami, Denver, Chicago and Seattle.

The Dates You Can Travel

Paris is beautiful in the summer, but the swaths of tourists can kill the buzz. These deals are at their best in January, February, March and May of 2019. Fewer crowds equals better prices, easier dinner reservations and cheaper flights. What’s not to like?

How To Book Your Paris Flights

Less sales pitch, more get me to Paris – right? Booking the best flight deals should be easy, so we’ve made Google Flights links which take you directly to the best prices from each city. All you’ll need to do is adjust dates to your needs, looking for dates in “green” which mean lowest prices. Here are the best round trip flights to Paris, like: $302 from New York, $335 from Miami, $374 from San Francisco, $319 from Denver, $345 from Chicago, $348 from Washington DC and $508 from Seattle. Before you complain about not finding dates, be sure to read this handy tip on Google Flights.

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