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Naughty, or nice?

Tis’ the season where some will be on the naughty list, and others “nice”. There’s a nice way to fly across the continental USA in the comforts of business class with the convenience of airport lounges, if you’re willing to be just a bit naughty. Here’s how to book a total bargain of a deal, if you’re willing to roll the dice…

a street light with a street sign and palm treesThe Flat Bed Transcontinental Deal

New York-Los Angeles is one of the most premium airline routes in the country, filled with heads of industry, entertainment and state. Buying a ticket between the two cities is rarely economical and business class for most travelers falls under a holiday wish list. But if you fly “through” one of the cities, and somehow miss your onward flight, it’s a completely different story. If you follow the news, and have read about “skiplagging” this is your chance to put it to the test with $348 one way flat bed business class between Los Angeles and New York, and other cities too…

About The Whole Skiplagging Thing

Like Fight Club starring Brad Pitt, the first rule of flight club is that you don’t tell anyone you’re planning to be naughty. There are other rules too. With all flights, no matter what – once you miss a segment, the rest of the flights cancels. This means you can only book one way at a time. If you want to fly round trip, you just make two separate one way reservations. You also can’t check a bag. If you do, it will go to the place you’ve booked to, and not the place in the middle you’ll get off. Here’s the full story, for anyone who likes nerdy detail. Though in mild theory there could be risks, you almost always receive miles for the flight you take, and not for the one you skip.

How To Book These Business Class Deals

Flying from Los Angeles to sunny Puerto Rico via New York puts you on flat beds with Delta. Of course, you can carry on to Puerto Rico if you wish, but if you choose not to, you’re using this “hidden city”, or “skiplagging” trick to save hundreds on flights to New York. It can also work the other way too, using a similar style of West Coast holiday destination. Going from Los Angeles to New York, this works from January thru May, on dates you can find here.


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  1. @ Tim — Did you mean NYC to LAX? It sounds like Hawaii is implied but I’ve never heard of such fares to Hawaii. Maybe he means SAN?

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