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This is far from budget…

No tricks, just kicks! Swiss Air is more chocolate and chill than budget low frill. Despite this impressive reputation as one of the world’s best airlines, they’re clearly not above a great deal. Maybe it’s an early take on Black Friday or maybe it’s because this is the golden age of travel, but either way you can fly to Los Angeles for £299 all in round trip on Swiss and if you want to go direct, there are Virgin Atlantic or American Airlines flight options for just £13 more. If the grind of autumn and winter has you down, sunny California is the perfect pick me up…

LA flight deal.The Flight Deals To Los Angeles

You’re now faced with a huge, but fun dilemma. Fly Swiss Air from London to Los Angeles via Zurich for £299, or pay £13 more for direct flights with Virgin Atlantic or American. This is a very fortunate problem, indeed. Flight deals to LA are wide open right now, taking you out of rainy but lovely London and into sunny and always buzzy Los Angeles. These flight deals all include meals, drinks seat back entertainment and frequent flyer miles. The one thing most of these deals don’t include is a free checked bag, so maybe learn how to pack your carry on properly? Oh, and if you book an afternoon flight on Virgin Atlantic, you get afternoon tea by Eric Lanlard. Just saying…

The Dates You Can Jet Off

These deals are available in early December and then again from January 2019 through mid May. Not every single date will be available, but if you book now, you can practically take your pick. The only major requirement with these deals is that you’re in LA for at least one Saturday. If you leave on Friday, you can turn right around – not that you’d want to. You can get sunburned in 24 hours, but proper suntans take a bit more time.

How To Book These Flight Deals

Easy, unless you’re like really bad at computers. We’ve made Google Flights links which take you directly to the best deals, so all you’ll need to do is swap dates to something you’re after. Just look for days where flight prices are in green, which signifies savings. Here are examples of the best deals in December, January, February, March, April, May and June. You’re welcome. And here’s how to maximize your visit in California.

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