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Turn lemons into Northern lights…

What if we told you a 25 hour layover could be a good thing? You already know 23:59 is the coolest rule for international travelers, and Icelandair is breaking the rules in a very cool way. New York is cool, but there’s nothing cooler than Iceland. Icelandair is offering incredible flight deals from London to New York for just £215 round trip, and on the way to New York, you can enjoy 25 hours in Iceland, giving you a taste of the beautiful country – and maybe even a Northern Lights sighting.

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The Deals

Icelandair offers a really solid economy cabin, with meals and beverages still included. You won’t get a checked bag, but carry on only is the way to go anyway. You will enjoy a free stopover in Iceland, with perfect timings. You leave London around noon, get into Iceland around 15:30 and don’t leave again until 17:30 the next day. Simply book an Airbnb or hotel, plan a cool excursion and tick the amazing destination known as Iceland off the bucket list. It’s £215! That’s amazing.

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Ion Adventure Hotel

The Dates

These awesome Icelandair deals to New York, with Reykjavik, Iceland side trip are available on scattered dates in November and December of 2018, as well as January, February and March of 2019. Booking is easy if you follow the instructions below.

a large building with many peopleHow To Book

These deals must be booked directly with Icelandair, but first you’ll want to find them. Use this  Google Flights link to search dates where deals are £215 or lower. Once you’ve found one, you’ll see that when you actually want to book, it says to call Icelandair. Rather than do that nonsense, go on Icelandair.com, and search for flights via the “Icelandair Stopover” program and select one night on the outbound. The page will look like this…a screenshot of a computer

You’ll find the crazy low prices you were hoping for and be able to enjoy an amazing trip however long or short. The example above is one heck of a weekend. All you’d miss is Friday and a half day Monday, while getting to check out both New York and Iceland. Talk about office bragging rights!

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