Mastering one airline program is hard enough. Between learning how to earn miles quickly, use them well and find seats you want, it’s quite an adventure and so it’s very understandable that most travelers only collect one type of frequent flyer miles. The thing is, virtually every airline charges a different amount of miles for the same flights to the same places and some allow you to spend roughly half what another would charge. Here are a few programs definitely worth a look that may have very easily been overlooked!

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Virgin America

Virgin America offers the best rates using miles you’ll find anywhere for flights on Virgin Atlantic and Virgin Australia, as well as excellent opportunities on Emirates, Singapore Airlines and more. 

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Great Uses

USA to Australia in Business for 80,000 miles + $160 round trip on Virgin Australia.

UK to USA in business class for 35,000 miles + $1150 round trip on Virgin Atlantic.

US To Europe + Vice Versa in First Class Suites for 90,000 + 147 round trip on Singapore AIrlines.

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How to Create Virgin America Miles

You can create Virgin America miles by flying Virgin America, Virgin Atlantic, Singapore, Emirates or Virgin Australia or by converting Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) points 1:1, grabbing the Virgin America credit card, transferring Amex Membership Rewards Points 2:1 or Citi Thank You Points 2:1. 

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Singapore offers arguably the nicest business class in the world and one of the top five first class setups with their “suites”. If the idea of a private suite on a plane that can be made into a double bed for two sounds nice, you’ll love how few miles you’ll need to fly it!

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Great Uses

Singapore to Hong Kong + Vice Versa In Suites For 31,875 Miles+ $30 one way on Singapore.

New York to Frankfurt + Vice Versa In Business Class for 48,875 + $400 one way on Singapore.

Sao Paulo to Barcelona + Vice Versa in Economy for 17,425 + $32 one way on Singapore.

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How To Create Singapore Miles

You can create Singapore Airlines miles by flying any Star Alliance carrier such as Lufthansa, United, Copa, Swiss, ANA or by transferring points from Chase, Citi, Amex or Starwood to the airline instantly at a 1:1 ratio.

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Asiana is a real power tool for some of the most sought after flights in the world with top carriers including Lufthansa, Singapore, Thai and more. 

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Great Uses

Europe to USA + Vice Versa In First Class For 100,000 Miles + $300 Round Trip on Lufthansa.

USA to South America in Business Class for 70,000 Miles + $24 Round Trip on United.

North East Asia To North East Asia in First Class for 80,000 Miles Round Trip On Asiana.

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How To Create Asiana Miles

You can create Asiana miles while flying on any Star Alliance airline including Lufthansa, Singapore, United, Copa, Swiss and more. You can additionally transfer Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) points at a 1:1 ratio.

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Alaska is the Swiss army knife of airlines, since it doesn’t belong to an alliance it instead forms it’s own partnerships with some great airlines like Cathay, Emirates, Delta, Aeromexico and Qantas with excellent rates for some of the best flights…

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Great Uses

US To Australia + Vice Versa in First Class for 70,000 miles + $335 one way on Qantas.

Europe to Hong Kong + Vice Versa in Business for 85,000 miles + $200 round trip on Cathay.

Asia to Asia (some long flights) in First Class for 55,000 + $160 round trip on Cathay.

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Creating Alaska Miles

You can earn Alaska Mileage Plan miles while flying on Delta, Emirates, Cathay Pacific, AeroMexico, British Airways, American and more. You can also create their points by transferring from Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) or by grabbing their US credit card which you can get multiple time. 

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Collecting Korean Airlines is a brilliant way to fly on other SkyTeam airlines including Air France, Delta, KLM and Alitalia for less miles than the others charge. 

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Great Uses

US To Europe + Vice Versa in Business Class for 80,000 Miles + $475 Round Trip On Delta, Air France, Alitalia or KLM.

Europe to Middle East in Business Class For 60,000 Miles + $300 Round Trip On Air France or KLM.

US To South Africa + Vice Versa In Business Class for 120,000 Miles + $475 Round Trip on Air France. 

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How To Create Korean Miles

You can create Korean Airlines miles by flying on any SkyTeam airline including Delta, Air France, KLM, Alitalia, Garuda Indonesia and more. You can also create miles by transferring points from Chase Ultimate Rewards or Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) points.

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