There’s never been a better time to fly. Let me rephrase that; there’s never been a better time to fly first class. Reclining chairs, hot towels and champagne are nice, but that just doesn’t cut it in the modern international first class world. There’s heavy competition to make commercial airliners rival and surpass private travel, and the new designs are glorious, just take the stunning new “First Spaces” design from Seymourpowell…

a model of a boat

Your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you, there really are “spaces” or suites which are larger than others, offering a far more tailored experience to your travel needs, solo or accompanied.

a plane with windows and seats

As one has come to expect, you’ll find a fully enclosed door for ultimate privacy. On the other hand, the design invites those seeking a more social environment into the aisle or hallway, where a lounge esque space will offer a secluded social space… and probably a bar.

a couch in a plane

Unlike current designs found aboard Etihad’s First Apartment, these “spaces” will feature a more individually tailored experience, catering to both solo travel and partner travel without compromising on space. The twin cabin above looks lovely.

a seat in a plane with a large screen

So this is where it takes the next leap. As evidenced by the Waterfront Business Class seat, personal integration is the future of travel. These cabins will also wirelessly pair with your smart phone or tablet, populating your preferences from favorite drinks to meals, color schemes and more, based off of your profile. Fly once, it’ll remember you every time…

the back seat of a plane

Another brilliant element of the design is in the attention to detail when it comes to the bed, arguably the most important premium when flying up front. You’ll notice that there aren’t any cracks, filling out a space wider and longer than just about anything we’ve seen to date.

a bed with pillows and a blanket in a plane

Could this be Emirates’ reply to Etihad’s stunning First Apartment? Many believe yes. The airline has played very coy with their new suites, and on premium routes, these less dense, but more premium offerings, could be a new elite in the commercial air travel world. 

the back seat of a car

Now we just need to figure out who’s paying, because I’m in, and I’m going to assume you are as well. Needless to say, we hope to see this gracing the friendly skies soon…

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