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Every day I wake up, eat my breakfast of champions and kiss my computer in honor of the kings and gods that bring us incredible flight deals on a daily basis. You see every once in a while, everything I think I know about airfare goes out the window. Why would going from the US to Hong Kong be cheaper than going from New York to Philadelphia? Can I really fly to Brazil for less than I can fly to Florida? Europe to The US for less than £200? Is this business class seat really cheaper than coach? Yes, yes…yes. Here are the places to find your daily bread, I mean deals…

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This is an incredible international resource with deals so good that you will want to “social media share” these “secrets”. The site is once again very well laid out with “Euro Deals”, “USA Deals” and “Rest Of World (ROW) Deals”, which if you have the money to buy a ticket, hopefully you can figure out. Looking currently at the site right now there are opportunities to fly from the US to Europe or vice versa for under $350 round trip. 

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The Flight Deal

I just love these guys. Things couldn’t be simpler. The deals are organized by departure city with all the nitty gritty including available dates, where to book and how to upgrade. Most importantly, it’s all in plain english. Either set your home city or simply browse their home page every day to see if today is the day you can’t afford not to book. Yes, double negative.

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GodSaveThePoints Twitter 

There are quite a few extraneous airfare deal hunters. Rather than send traffic to sites which offer truly great fares on a more sporadic basis, follow our twitter. I constantly scour the internet for worthy deals and retweet any worth mentioning. Book marking the sites in this post and following our twitter will ensure you never miss out on a deal. Happy hunting.

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FlyerTalk Trick It/Premium Fares

I’ve literally flown business or first for cheaper than coach before. It’s pretty awkward walking past cramped passengers knowing you paid less for your flat bed than they did for their torture chamber. If you can get up on the lingo, there are amazing deals posted in these forums. If you want to do the occasional browse for your dream trip in first class I’d go HERE and if you wan’t to learn a different language start HERE and then go HERE

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Other worldly deals help bring you to the far reaches of the globe. There is a stigma around travel that it’s only for the elite and it’s absolutely not. Travel is for the informed and there has never been more access to more resources. I will always post the most outrageous deals, but if you want to beat me to it, be sure to check these guys out. They will literally save you a fortune. Any additions?!

As Always, Get in Touch: GodSaveThePoints@gmail.com

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