There are so many life threatening issues pressing the existence of the human race. From diseases, natural disasters, airborne illness, climate change, the works, you’d think that scientists would be busy for eternity conquering these major problems. Well, you’d be wrong, as it appears a few have taken their PhD’s to study fake online reviews, most notable to the travel world, hotel reviews. 

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A team of researchers at Cornell have long been working on a cure to the deceptive world of online reviews. The key? Superlatives, I, and me. With 90% accuracy, the team of researchers conducted trials and were able to weed out fake reviews, with one of the key measures being a heavy dose of personal opinion, such as “it wasn’t clean to me” without much mention of any detail. Honest reviews are a mix of property details and experience, opinion is inherent, but those that neglected to mention any specific features and say “amazed me”, “I loved it” over and over again seem to raise eyebrows. Interesting.

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What’s more interesting is that you can play with their years of research for yourself. is the new site based on years of research by top PhD’s. You can copy and paste a review into their site and their prediction tools will analyze the text to provide you with their 90% or better correct assessment. Needless to say I tested a few of my own reviews, all of which came back real. 

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