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Nope, not a typo! There really are £114 deals, including hotels…

When you think of warm, fuzzy winter feelings, they usually involve a European Christmas market. As leaves turn all kinds of orange, red and brown, cities revel in the spirit of winter fun with open air markets, skating rinks, hot cider and quintessential holiday cheer. Like many things “travel”, winter getaways can get expensive, but these British Airways flight + hotel deals offer outrageous value, with flights and two nights hotels starting at just £114 per person…

oslo christmas marketThe Christmas Market Deals

Flight and hotel deals are all the rage these days – and with good reason. Airlines are so keen to get you to book hotels with them, they practically give away the flights when you do. There are times when it’s legitimately cheaper to book flights and two nights hotels, than just flights alone. Weird, but true. British Airways has amazing offers which include round trip flights and two nights of nice hotels (you can customize the star rating). There are December Christmas Market Deals to…

  • Prague – £113 per person.
  • Berlin – £122 per person.
  • Vienna – £128 per person.
  • Budapest – £145 per person.
  • Krakow – £148 per person. 
  • Oslo – £149 per person.

christmas marketThe Christmas Market Dates

Christmas Markets somewhat logically are mainly only around in late November and December. Therefore, all these deals will be for travel in late November or December. Any earlier, and you just might miss what you booked for. Be sure to Google when your desired city opens its Christmas market to plan the perfect trip.

british airwaysHow To Book

Booking is easy. Find a friend, lover, family member – or anyone you can stand to share a room with, follow this link to the British Airways website and book. It’s easiest to find the best prices by leaving dates flexible, but if you have specific dates in mind, you can change to specific dates. This link will give you the lowest prices for all the Christmas Market city options on any date. Enjoy the festivities!


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