Who said winter was the slow travel season? It’s been full speed ahead in the travel world lately. Crazy loyalty changes, amazing deals, strange occurrences like Saudi prince’s buying 80 seats on a public airplane for their hawks, and it’s only Tuesday. Here’s a round up of the most interesting stories in travel today…

a large white airplane on a runway

Etihad May Join Star Alliance, Definitely Buying Into Lufthansa…

It’s been long rumored that Etihad would buy a large stake in Lufthansa but the rumor mill is rampant with the notion that they may do more than buy into one airline, they may just join Star Alliance. There are many complexities, such as current partners to sort out, but for Star Alliance it would be a huge coup, landing an airline with incredible branding and public perception, offering a brand new way for Star Alliance flyers to navigate the world (and their miles)… We’ll find out tomorrow for sure! HT: OMAAT

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British Airways Halved The AARP Discount… Damn.

Like many, I’ve always fancied myself a business class traveler, whether I was prepared to pay for it or not. Thank god for miles. That all changed when the British Airways AARP discount unlocked round trip paid, mileage earning business class fares as low as $640 or £480 last year. The discount for the last couple years was a whopping $400 off any business class ticket and $75 off of economy, but as of today the discount has been halved for business and down to $65 for economy, though at least it’s been renewed. It’s effective immediately, which sucks.

a lounge area with chairs and a television

Amex Building Centurion Lounge In Hong Kong…

Amex is aggressively expanding their airport Centurion Lounges. They’re extremely nice, well curated and available for free to anyone with a Platinum or Centurion card and available for a fee to anyone with an Amex card. The lounge brand has announced it’s first new horizon outside of the US, heading to the Far East with plans to open a new outpost in Hong Kong International Airport. This is awesome news for Amex cardholders who wouldn’t otherwise have lounge access, or who’d just like to take in a more customized “Amex” styled experience with local chefs and interesting cocktails. Expect an opening date of September 2017.

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