Happy Saturday everyone. It’s been an amazing week of deals, news and travel insights. We hope you’re having as much fun (and enjoying the crazy deals) as much as we are. As always, there are some important and interesting tidbits floating around out there, and we’ve got a round up of the most important ones. Here’s everything you need to know in travel today…

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Emirates Allowing Anyone To Purchase Business Or First Lounge Access…

Lounge access is just the best. Goodbye crowded terminal, hello drinks, food, couches, beds and wifi. In an attempt to create additional revenue Emirates is now offering anyone traveling in economy the opportunity to purchase lounge access in Dubai for their business or first class lounges. Business class lounge access will run $100 per person and first class will run $200. It’s pricey, but for some faced with a long layover who can eat and drink their money’s worth, it’s a unique opportunity. Good coverage here.

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JetBlue Offering Gate To Gate Wifi. Amazing.

Generally, airplane wifi sucks and is rarely worth it. It’s slow, unreliable and waiting until 10,000 feet always seems an inconvenience. Somehow JetBlue is the only airline to crack the logic code and acquire a system which offers gate to gate wifi… and it’s FREE! As of this week the entire fleet is equipped with the state of the art service, so if you have a JetBlue flight you can get to Netflixing before wheels up. Well done JetBlue, truly amazing.

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Qatar Launching New Amenity Kits, Including Kits For Economy And Also Announce Vegas Flights!

Qatar Airways have some cool new business and first class amenity kits out and now they’ve added kits for economy too. The economy kits will have eye masks, ear plugs, lip balm a dental kit and will be styled with photos of their destinations. For a nice look at the new first and business amenity kits, there’s great coverage here. And finally, in a bid to steal all of the news this week, Qatar have announced that starting January 8th, 2018 they will fly to Las Vegas. The flight will be operated by a 777-200LR, which will presumably have their yet to be unveiled business class “masterpiece”…

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