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Travel involves many moving goal posts right now, like travel restrictions, but one significant landmark won’t be moving. After 9 months of closures, the Eiffel Tower has reopened to visitors, allowing all travelers to embrace the truly iconic piece of the Parisienne skyline once again, up close and personal.

It’s not quite the same visitor experience as pre-pandemic times, but in many ways, not all that bad either. If you’re headed to lovely Paris, here’s what you need to know!

Eiffel Tower Reopens: What You Need To Know

The Eiffel Tower is open to visitors again, albeit a little bit differently than before. If you’re over 18, visiting will be a bit like traveling in itself. You’ll need to show either a negative test, or proof of vaccination to access the grounds.

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All visitors will also need to wear a mask, including fully vaccinated visitors remaining outdoors. That’s the bummer, but the good news is — it won’t be quite as crowded.

To help maintain social distancing, visitor numbers will be cut in half to 12,500 per day, so any time spent marveling under the iron lady will be more special than in recent years of over tourism.

What’s Travel To France Like, Right Now?

Well, travel to France is a bit complicated. If you’re fully vaccinated and have proof, travel to France is relatively straightforward, with no testing or quarantine requirement for most visitors, including those from the USA.

With concern around virus spread for the unvaccinated, France has initiated some new measures which may dampen the visitor experience, including covid-19 passes needed for meals and other attractions. It’s not unlike many cities asking for vaccination proof before allowing you to dine, but it’s not quite the care free wandering spirit of the city.

Over tourism was very much “a thing” in France over the past decade, so while some of the overall experience may be slightly more complicated and require more calculation than before, a chance to wander this city with fewer tourists will be a draw for some.

Now, you can marvel at the Eiffel Tower up close once again, if it’s a draw for you.

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  1. Question: are the places that require proof of vaccination accept the US vaccination card as proof?

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