Here’s what your neighbor who never leaves home doesn’t understand. You don’t even need to leave home to become a points and miles millionaire. Traveling the world for free, or close to it as humanly possible is achievable by anyone who puts a basic amount of effort in. Once you get started, you just can’t get enough. Here are some really easy, extremely effective ways to earn…

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You Can Earn Limitless Miles From Online Shopping. Seriously.

You don’t need a rewards earning credit card to earn miles for every purchase you make online. You can earn between 1 and 25 miles for every dollar you spend at your favorite sites including Apple, Nike, Saks, Selfridges, Macy’s, Harrods and over 350 online stores. All you need to do is login to your frequent flyer account, which is free to join if you don’t already have one, go to your airline’s “shopping portal” and click over to your favorite site. One extra click, same price, tons of miles. Take a laptop purchase for example, if you spend $1000 and get 25 miles per dollar spent, you’ll have 25,000 miles, enough for a free ticket, or a few of them! For a comprehensive guide to this topic including links to specific airlines click HERE.

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There’s No Faster Way To Earn Than Grabbing A Rewards Earning Credit Card…

How about 10,000-100,000 points just for signing up and buying stuff you buy anyway? People shy away from rewards earning credit cards and if you’re responsible you shouldn’t. There are some no annual fee rewards cards, and If you pay in full every month you pay no interest, while earning at least one point or mile for every dollar you spend. You treat your credit card like a debit card, but the only difference is that you earn thousands of miles for every day expenses from latte’s to car insurance or phone bills. Free round trip flights start as low as 9,000 miles, so when you think about a year of spending, there are serious opportunities to be had. Why miss out?!

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Refer Friends To FREE Frequent Flyer Programs Or Credit Cards For Thousands Of Miles…

Telling your friends how good it is to earn miles can be good for both of you. Frequent flyer accounts are free to sign up for and airlines will offer miles from time to time just for emailing your friend and telling them to sign up for a free account. Though those offers come and go, one thing you can always do is earn points or miles when a friend signs up for a credit card you have. If you love your Amex Gold card, or any card, ask your card company how you can get miles if you refer a friend. Many cards offer a minimum of 5,000 miles for each person you refer. Again, two referrals and you’re at a round trip free flight. Some cards offer more than 18,000 per referral!

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Little Things Like Newsletter Sign Ups, Surveys, Tweets and Wine Clubs Add Up…

Right now you can earn 500 miles just for signing up for Virgin Atlantic’s newsletter about online shopping bonus opportunities. Airlines want to be a part of your life and offer regular opportunities to earn miles for things like newsletter signs ups, taking online surveys, following them on Twitter or Facebook and even for signing up for their wine clubs. These kind of things are going to get you between 250-10,000 miles at a time and over time they really add up. It would be foolish not to take advantage of the easy opportunities to earn miles for free travel.

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