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Wherever in the world you travel, there’s always one pressing question which causes far too much stress: where to eat. After wading past the endless seas of menu waving hosts and finding the quiet back streets of any great city, there’s still the looming question of which place will actually wow you. The solution du jour: one great market with everything delicious, all at once.

In the last 20 years, Chelsea Market in New York, Mercado San Miguel in Madrid and the Mercado da Ribeira in Lisbon have revolutionised great bites, pulling many of the cities best food vendors into one trendy and approachable market hotspot. Dubai has just announced plans to open its first iteration, with Time Out at the helm. After all, Time Out’s Lisbon market is the most visited attraction in the entire city…

DubaiDubai 2020

Dubai’s take on “Chelsea Market” will open with the Time Out Market in Souk Al Bahar in 2020. The Souk is one of the cities most trafficked areas, with close proximity to major tourist attractions and will feature an impressive 30,000 feet of heavenly food space curated by Time Out. The publishing giant has selected and partnered with the cities best chefs and most noted restaurants to curate roughly 16 food stalls capable of seating over 600 guests. You can go from stall to stall grabbing morsel after morsel.

Time Out Markets

Time Out has become a publication associated with trust worthy food reviews and recommendations in cities around the world, and the publishing group is turning from words to things you can actually eat. Dubai joins a growing list of “Time Out Markets” opening in cities  around the world like Prague, Montreal, New York, Boston and London. The markets aim to bring the very best food into far more approachable food stalls for all to enjoy.

For Those In A Hurry

Exploring any city through food is such a rewarding pursuit, but for many it’s a luxury time simply cannot afford. That’s especially true for business travellers. It’s really neat to see a highly curated option bringing the best of a city into one spot, in a way that more people can enjoy. Of course, if you find something you love in a Time Out Market, you should probably go visit the real location, but if you don’t have time, at least you can say you got to try it…

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  1. I’m not sure if I would call Time Out a publication with trust worthy food reviews. It’s on par with NY Post at best. The food market will be successful but not because of it’s association with TO.

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