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Hawaii is striking a desirable balance in travel right now, with easy ways to test before departure and bypass quarantine on most islands, and strong health protocols once arrived. There’s also talk of all islands, including Kauai, soon allowing travelers with a negative test to bypass quarantine not just some, from April 5th, 2021.

And now, there’s flight deals which make getting to Hawaii as easy as ever. Delta, American, Hawaiian and a variety of airlines have round trip flights under $200 from a variety of cities, so if work from home is getting old, this is a great alternative.

Flight Deals To Hawaii

There are some super flight deals from the US mainland to Hawaii right now, even for travel later in the year. Major airlines are offering sub $200 flights from a variety of West Coast cities, which are always hard to pass up. The East Coast and Midwest is more, but there’s still some juicy options.

These deals fall under the basic economy or lowest fare categories, but Delta and others with the exception of United still allow you to bring a full sized carry on bag on board. If you happen to hold the airline’s credit card, like a Delta SkyMiles Amex, or American Airlines Citi or Barclay’s card, that should get you a checked bag too.

The best flight deals are available from Portland, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Austin and Las Vegas. Miami and Orlando provide the lowest prices from the East Coast.

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The Dates You Can Travel

The “rock bottom” fares under $200 are available for travel in April and May of 2021, and seasonality should only help current travel worries. If you can make these dates work, the price is excellent, and resorts should be eager to welcome visitors.

Incredibly, there doesn’t seem to be many restrictions on ‘minimum stay’, which means even a short weekend style trip might work. Of course, you can stay much longer too, and these days longer trips often feel more rewarding and worthwhile, hence the ‘digital nomad’ trend.

How To Book These Flights

These flights are easy to book, particularly using GSTP’s tips for mastering Google Flights. We’ve made easy to use links taking you directly to the lowest prices from each departure point below, so just click, change dates and enjoy, like…

With all travel right now, it’s vital to keep up with entry restrictions and changing requirements. Airlines are doing a good job of proactively messaging customers to inform them about testing needs or other measures, but be sure to scour all official government resources well in advance of your trip.

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