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Just when you thought they were over, they pulled you back in. Qatar Airways are back, aggressively touting some of the best business class fares in the world, many at prices most travelers fork over for economy. If you’ve been dreaming about New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam or South Africa there may be just the ticket for you! You can also take the longest flight in the world in STYLE!

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Qatar Airways have launched incredible fares from the European market to the best destinations in the world. Unfortunately for some, they are “Valentines Day” promo fares, meaning two passengers will need to travel to get the very best prices, though the solo deals are still good. Clearly they want to make solo people even more miserable on Valentines day. We highly recommend using miles or a cheap flight to position yourself to the departure cities to take advantage of these deals, which save you thousands. You’ll find the best fares from Copenhagen, Helsinki, Sofia, Stockholm, Paris and more.

£1272 ($1500) p/p Copenhagen To Auckland Round Trip

Plenty of dates available, easiest to find being April, May, June, August, November, December.

£796 ($1000) p/p Sofia To Singapore Round Trip

£805 ($1075) p/p Helsinki to Bangkok Or Krabi Round Trip

£805 ($1075) p/p Sofia To Johannesburg Round Trip

£905 ($1225) p/p Berlin to Cape Town Round Trip

£1100 ($1400) p/p Stockholm To Bali Round Trip

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The Dates You Can Book…

These deals are valid for travel until December 10th 2017, though as with most deals this good many dates may be sold out. Be sure to search a few dates or months before giving up. In general, you’re looking for the fares which are color coded in RED, signifying the promo deals..

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How To Book And Jet Off In Luxury…

You’ll book this directly with Qatar Airways to lock in the best prices. These itineraries will price out in local currency, so just do a quick Google search to confirm you get the right price. For example, with the Auckland flights from Copenhagen you could enter 24,000 DNK to GBP into a Google search, Qatar also has a conversion tool on their site. BOOK HERE and enjoy!

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