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Welcome to Miami, Bienvenidos a Miami.

Even if it’s actually a bad idea, Miami is always a good idea. Yet another city that never sleeps, Miami is everything you could want it to be- bustling nightlife, pristine beaches and food (not to mention cocktails) that will knock your socks back. While most people pay at least $300 to get there, you can go round trip for just $98 from quite a few cities…

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The Amazing Economy Deals…

In most U.S. cities, there’s nothing exciting about February. In Miami however, things are literally and figuratively heating up. For $96 bucks round trip, there’s a lot to love about a sporadic trip to Miami to live it up. American Airlines is tired of competition from an airline that rhymes with “Runteer”, so they’re offering equal or lower prices than their no frills competition from New York, Chicago and Atlanta with sub $100 pricing. Similar deals can be found from many more cities under $200.

an airplane flying in the skyThe Dates You Can Jet Off To Miami On The Cheap!

We’re not saying you can’t find great flight deals in other months, but these deals are almost exclusively available in February. Not all dates are available, so we highly suggest using Google Flights to search. Don’t worry, we’ve got links for you below…

palm trees next to buildingsHow To Book These Deals While They’re Hot…

Simply visit these Google Flights links for: New York, Chicago, Boston and Atlanta. There are sub $200 deals from many US cities, so just follow one of the links above and plug in your home city in the month of February to check out what you can find! Enjoy, and don’t club too hard!

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  1. Don’t see anything less than $150 for any NYC airport to MIA. Frontier is the only thing showing up at under $100. Tried multiple dates in Feb

  2. Why does you photo of Miami Beach look like the place is flooding? Maybe it’s the King Tide? Or what my future AA flight to Miami will have in store for me.

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