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Ciao, Roma. If you’ve always wanted to say “are you not entertained” in the best possible place, after stuffing your face with fried artichokes and heavenly pizza, Rome is your one and only. The city is a walk through history, with unparalleled architecture dating back empires, but also some of the most fun you can have in the modern world too.

Right now, you can get there for a mere $282 round trip, an being one of the cheapest cities for great Airbnb’s the rest shouldn’t even be too bad either. Who’s going to Rome?!

a motorcycle parked on a narrow streetFlight Deals To Rome

There are some super hot flight deals to Rome at the moment which make Europe easier than ever. You can fly round trip on major airlines with meals, drinks, entertainment and full sized carry ons etc for just $280 and up, with a bunch of cities under $350 total.

The best flight deals are available from: New York, Chicago, San Francisco, Boston and Denver. There are probably more, but that’s on you.

The Dates You Can Travel

The absolute lowest of the deals are available in February, March and April, but there are similar deals within $25 from August through the end of the year. Basically, you got choices and Rome is lovely any time of year. In fact, most would say it’s so-much-better outside of peak summer, when the hordes of tourists gather.

To lock in the lowest fares, you’ll typically need a six night stay in Europe, and anything shorter than that will jack the price up, but not by much. Longer trips are totally fine.

a stone structure with arches and a blue skyHow To Book Your Rome Flights

Rome is a great place to roam, and when you can get there for less than a typical domestic flight to somewhere boring, it’s even better. No offence, Dallas. These offers can be found on Skyscanner, or your other favourite online travel agency, like Kayak or Expedia. We’ve made easy to use Skyscanner links below, which take you directly to the best prices from each city. Just switch dates to something that works for you, and voila – or andiamo!

Here’s a guide to exploring Rome without looking like a fool. There are a few things you’ll want to read about, like whether to book certain tours, or just wing it, and also where to find all the delicious eats and pretty backdrops. It’s all in there…

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