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It’s here, that time of year when the sky is grey, the weather is best described as “cold” in most of the USA and a vacation feels oh-so deserved. For most of the world, there’s just the ole’ paying for it part, but when you can cash in miles and just $15 bucks per person, that’s not nearly as difficult as usual. Delta has yet another fantastic flash sale using SkyMiles, and this is one worth jumping in on…

Hot tip: you can also convert Amex Points into Delta SkyMiles, so this isn’t “just” for Delta nerds.

Delta is out with its latest iteration of “Flash Deals” bringing travel from the USA to the Caribbean from just 12,000 points round trip, but the best deals are to the US Virgin Islands, which have the lowest cash component, in addition to low prices in miles. Turks and Caicos is another gem.

In other words, you could go to Jamaica, but the taxes are over $180 per person, whereas the US Virgin Islands are a mere $15 round trip. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos has round trip taxes at $98 round trip and with deals starting at 12,000 SkyMiles round trip, it’s a bargain…

Here are a few key deals on offer like…

  • Raleigh, NC to St Thomas – 18K Miles + $15 Round Trip
  • New York City to Turks & Caicos – 12.5K Miles + $88 Round Trip
  • Boston, MA to St Thomas – 18K Miles + $15 Round Trip
  • Nashville, TN To Turks & Caicos – 22K Miles + 88 Round Trip
  • Los Angeles, CA to St Thomas – 33K Miles + 15 Round Trip
  • Austin, TX to St Thomas – 33K Miles + $15 Round Trip
  • Portland, OR  to St Thomas – 25K Miles + $15 Round Trip

Don’t see your city? Check out the full list of deals Delta has here.

Though you wouldn’t earn the bonus in time to make a difference with this batch of SkyMiles Flash Deals, Delta is offering incredible bonuses on their Delta SkyMiles American Express Cards right now, with up to 100,000 SkyMiles up for grabs. If these sort of deals are something you’re into, it can totally make sense to get on board and get a head start on a stockpile of miles.

Even Tokyo in Delta One Suites with privacy doors was on flash offer for 98,000 SkyMiles Round Trip last week, so you never know what you’ll see. Since Delta SkyMiles can also be used at 1c a piece of value, meaning 100,000 points gets you $1000 towards any Delta purchase, that’s hand too..

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