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You’ll earn at least 20,000 points too…

Heard of Bali? The place where you can live like a king or queen for about $35 a day? Yep, it’s the land of $7 an hour massages, $25 a day private drivers and cheap delicious food galore. Oh – and they’ve got gorgeous beaches, beautiful temples, stunning volcanoes and jungles, too. We’ve always said Flyertalk’s Premium Fare forums are a great way to find deals, and not just because we share them there too! But today its user IAkH, sharing an amazing deal we can’t help but get excited about. Bali in flat bed business class on Korean Airlines.

two people walking on a beachThe Deals

Korean Airlines seems to have an exclusive fare with Hotwire, bringing round trip business class to Bali via Atlanta and Seoul under $2000. For the record: the East Coast, especially New York hardly ever sees Asia business class deals. We found West Coast deals to China under $2000 today, but something this glamorous to Bali is like a unicorn. If you have Chase Ultimate Rewards points from your Sapphire Reserve card, or Amex Business Platinum, you can potentially spend roughly just  125,000 points, if you can get one of their websites or Amex Travel agents to price this out. Even if you can’t, you’ll earn tons of frequent flyer miles and earn status points for your purchase. Oh and by the way – the average price for this route is generally over $4,000!

a pool with a building and a pink skyThe Dates

These deals seem to be available in February, though dates in January and March are highly likely. You won’t find these deals on Google Flights or even Kayak. These fares are exclusive to Hotwire. IAkH was kind enough to include a working link, which we’ll share once we’ve extracted a few extra pennies of advertising dollars out of you. Thanks, by the way.

a restaurant overlooking the oceanHow To Book

These deals must be booked using a Hotwire vacation package. Months ago, we wrote about how these vacation packages can help save over 60% on business class – and that’s quite obviously the case here today. You can find these incredible deals here. Here are 10 tips for enjoying Bali, a great place to stay, a really cool excursion and an amazing side trip. Enjoy! These deals will not last long, and it’s probably smart to avoid making any further travel plans for at least a couple days, just in case Hotwire decides they made too great of a deal. We think it’s a very fair price.

Enjoy Bali!

Featured image courtesy of Viceroy Ubud.

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  1. You probably should brush up on AMEX pay with points rules before making the suggestion it’s only “roughly “ 125,000 points.

    1. You should probably brush up on your manors. If Amex Platinum can price this out, which they may be able to – you’d pay somewhere in the ballpark of 125,000-140,000 points, depending on exact fare. Same goes for CSR.

      1. AMEX can’t price it out. That is my point. AMEX is not Hotwire. You stated the offer was exclusive to Hotwire. You can’t use pay with points for everything. Only inventory that AMEX travel has access to and they don’t have access to Hotwire. I called after I tried multiple days in 2/19. The KE fares are 5-7K RT NYC to DPS. And there is nothing wrong with my manners. Sure your math is right but it can’t be done. Had you known you couldn’t book, or instead of saying “which they may be able to do” you actually took the time to verify with AMEX, you wouldn’t throw out the red herring that you could possibly book it. Again, that is the point, you can’t book it with AMEX.

        1. Oh Mark. Amex can, and did. I was able to price one out, and if you read a relevant thread, you’ll see many were able to.

  2. This is out of LGA and ATL. Forgive my ignorance, please, as I’m new to all this.
    Why, when I cut out LGA and route it straight out of ATL, does the price jump to $6,087?
    Is this a strategy (seeing if it’s cheaper by adding another leg) I should employ when looking for deals on my own?
    Please educate me on this.

    1. It can certainly help. If you want this one, id highly suggest finding a way to get to NY and take advantage of the deal as is. Cheers.

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