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No one is saying you’re going to love this air travel experience, but the gift of travel to another country for €5 one way, or €10 round trip is unbeatable. In New York, you might pay more for a latte. Ryanair is kicking down the doors on Cyber Monday with €5/£5 one way tickets to top destinations, and even if you need to pay more to bring a full sized rolling carry on, it’s still dirt cheap travel…

a plane on the tarmacThe Ryanair €5 Deals

Ryanair is celebrating the age old tradition of getting consumers to part ways with their cold hard cash on the most boring day of the year with €5 one way fares from countries throughout Europe to places all over Europe. For now, that still includes the UK…

There are €5 deals like Dublin to Amsterdam, London to Barcelona, Madrid to Vienna and thousands upon thousands more. They’re quite easy to find, and we’ll hit you with all the details shortly.

The Dates You Can Travel

Other than the fact that you’ll probably hear clapping when you land, the only catch with these deals is that they are for travel in December 2019 or January 2020 only. Anything outside of those dates will be more, but it’s Ryanair – so probably not much.

You can absolutely book just a one way for €5 all in, allowing you to use points, or another airline to fly the other way if it works out better. But hey, €10 all for a trip isn’t anything to turn your nose up at.

How To Book These €5 Offers

These offers should pop up at the top of the screen if you simply navigate to We’ve made it even easier with these links directly to all the best sale options for: United Kingdom, Spain, Ireland and Germany. For other countries, just visit and you’ll see the offers.

Take a peek, find something awesome, learn how to pack better and set off on an adventure to a new country at a price you’d struggle to pay for a local Uber ride.

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