Why use business class check in, lounges, priority baggage, priority security and more with one airline when you can have it with more than twenty? Make it more than sixty if you match across all alliances. There are currently status matches with every airline alliance, allowing you to keep your current status, yes keep it, but also pick up amazing benefits on virtually every other airline under the sky. Don’t let your status lapse in 2016! Here’s everything you need to get it done with every airline and alliance. My advice? Take them all. You never know when you’ll need em’…

Note: These don’t happen instantaneously, many report waiting up to 21 days, some require additional info, some just take a bit to process. Also, some don’t inform you of a successful match, they just give it to you. Check your account, be diligent. 

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Alitalia (Sky TEAM) 

To Match: Easy. Make an Alitalia account, take a picture or copy of your frequent flyer card and visit THIS website and follow the steps. They guarantee a response in two days (semi BS) and many readers have successfully matched to their highest elite level from both Star Alliance and OneWorld! I personally love international SkyTeam lounges! Nice.

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Airberlin (ONe World)

To Match: A little more work. Sign up for their program and input a german or Swiss address, preferably one you can receive mail at (friend, work, etc). Once completed, email service@topbonus.de with a picture scanned copy of your current highest elite card with a competing, non One World airline, requesting highest match possible. Even if you can’t receive mail and get a physical card, you’ll likely have your FF number which is still valuable, perhaps even a digital card…

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Turkish (Star Alliance)

To Match:  It’s a bit of a blind process through an online form but it works, with over 300 of the last 325 applicants getting matched. Join their program, use the web portal contact on their website for Miles & Smiles to send a picture or scanned copy of your current elite card and statement and wait. They will likely ask for a passport scan after roughly 14 days, then match is granted. The good news, the status can last up to two years! 

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Whether you love or hate the airport, status matches are an opportunity to hate it less. Spend less time in line, drink more champagne, be greeted by name and above all make travel better. Leveraging your hard work into future opportunities and benefits is one of the smartest and best ways to save on future travel. Elite status isn’t all physical perks; it’s waived change fees, less miles for award tickets, more availability and a whole lot more. If you’re too lazy for this you need to reconsider some things. Get off your ass, or at least get someone to get up and make a scan of your frequent flier card…you can handle the email.

As Always, Get in Touch: GodSaveThePoints@gmail.com

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