a train on the tracks

A train ride through Mexico with bottomless top shelf tequila was something I didn’t know I’d need when 2021 started, but I’m now convinced i’s the best news of the year to date.

While Mexico has long enjoyed ‘Cuervo Express’ train service between Guadalajara and the town literally named Tequila, a newly spruced up operation sees an ultra luxurious ‘elite cabin’ added to the mix, offering a distinctly jet set way to sip and taste your way through Mexico. It may be worth traveling for, whenever travel is cool again.

a train on the tracks

The New Cuervo Express Elite Train Cabin

With free pours of Maesto Dobel, Reserva De La Familia and Gran Centenario, and bespoke cocktails, the first thing to know is that this train ride is not your college party. At least not all the way up front in the new “elite” cabin, which runs circa $160 one way.

One beautiful country mile at a time, you’ll enjoy a luxurious train cabin, aptly titled the Jose Cuervo Express. The buzzy adventure offers a sunrise departure from Guadalajara to Tequila, or a sunset journey between Tequila and Guadalajara. Each train journey takes approximately 2 hours, and you can totally do both in one day. Hangover sold separately, maybe.

a room with a bar and chairs

The ride takes you through untouched stretches of Mexico, with authentic regional treats from Jalisco on board to pad your stomach, in between signature cocktails and expert guided tastings.

It’s worth the ride for the pictures alone, but the swanky new interior and top shelf booze is also a pretty compelling draw. It all looks very James Bond, just with a tequila and mezcal twist. Shaken, not stirred.

Sunrise, Sunset, Or Both?

On the sunrise journey, you’ll arrive on the Tequila end, where your ticket includes a full day’s activities if you’d like, with guided tours of the Jose Cuervo distillery. For the sunset option, you can also partake in the days activities, before the 6PM train sets off for an 8AM choo-choo into Guadalajara.

It’s assumed that a generous carry on allowance is included, for any bounty one might buy at the distillery. Right?

a plate of food and glasses of champagne on a table

If you haven’t watched the sun set over the Mexican countryside, you really should – and a nice tequila in hand should only enhance the vibes. As a hot tip, the train books up fast, particularly in the ‘Elite’ cabin, with a mere 37 seats on offer. Most of February is sold out, but there’s plenty up for grabs beyond then.

As travel changes around the world, opportunities to branch out of major cities, and into more unique experiences is on the collective mind of many. Frankly, it’s hard to think of anything more amusingly enjoyable than boarding a tequila train to Tequila, with a Tequila master ready to make you sound all bougie and stuff, the next time you speak tequila to a friend.

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  1. Can’t wait looking forward to book the cabin ( the elite) for my family of 10 or more to fill all 37 seats for a private trip. Mexico is one of favorite vacation spots. My son an daughter in law were married in San Cabo almost 2 years ago we visited t least 6 or 7 times a year by boat and plane. This will be the first experience by train excited. Will book when your schedule become available.

  2. One VERY much likes the sound of this…

    I can’t stop hearing “All aboard the Tequila train…” in the style of the night train song 😂

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