Maybe just don’t tell people it’s a “bomber jacket”…

Quite understandably, people are outraged by new checked baggage fees. Charges up to $100 per bag each way can put a serious dent in a holiday budget, and no one likes to be nickel and dime’d. But the beauty of humanity is that when we’re pushed – we push back. Or rather, we find a way to get around things. There’s an absolutely brilliant new coat on the travel market that can only be described as the Swiss Army Knife of fashion. With 25 features, an inflatable neck pillow, 12 pockets and a telescoping pen built in, you’ll soon understand why. Oh, and it opens beers.

2.0 Is Coming

The original Baubax travel jacket, hoodie and vest was the most crowdfunded travel accessory in history. The jacket range offers space to cover just about any travel accessory, saving passengers time and money. Overall, the launch was a major success, but a quick YouTube search will reveal some slightly less than satisfied customers, obviously expecting big things from the most hyped jacket of all time. Version 2.0 has just wildly exceeded it’s crowdfunding goals (again), securing over $2.8 million, when the goal was a mere $50,000! From all accounts, 2.0 just might be 2x better.

a man and woman wearing winter jacketsNew Features

The new range of Baubax 2.0 aims to alleviate negative user feedback from 1.0, with cool new features. The neck pillow is now built into the hood, there’s a built in eye mask, a travel blanket, bottle opener and just about everything else under the sun. Most importantly: there are dedicated storage compartments for things like your iPad, passport, phone charger and so forth. It’s a lot easier to just watch the video than explain it all. The new range is still running on Kickstarter, with prices lower than you’ll find once it officially launches in August. Long story short: you can save money by purchasing within the next 10 days, if you’re into that sorta thing.

a group of people walking with luggageWorth It?

At about $139 all in, it’s not the cheapest bomber jacket, sweatshirt, jacket or vest – but it’s pretty darn clever. The new version aims to offer more style forward fabrics, cuts and fashion enhancements making it less of a novelty item – and more of a fashionable practical approach. One thing is for sure, it’ll be more useful than these ridiculous travel accessories, which have somehow been made. Oh, and when you get one – be sure to let us know where the secret wallet compartment is! It’s apparently top secret.

What do you think of Baubax 2.0?

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