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There’s some pretty magical pricing going on at the moment in regards to American Airlines vacations packages. I recently wrote about how combining flight and hotel packages can be magic, since many allow you to save on the overall cost, but also allow you to pay over time with no interest charged at all. Today, I prove my point.

Right now, there’s $1100 round trip packages where two people can travel from New York, Los Angeles Miami or Boston to Paris for $1100 per person in business class with 4 nights hotel included. That’s even lower than premium economy…

a desk in a planeThe Crazy Good Deals

AA Vacations is the vacation booking side of American Airlines, which offers package flight and hotel deals, with optional car rental as well. While any standard flight search would turn up prices of at least $2800 per person, if you book an AA vacation, you can get business class flights and hotel from a mere $1100 per person…

No joke. Round trip. Business Class. Hotel in Paris for the duration, starting $1100 per person. Only catch: you need two people.

And the kicker… you can pay it off over time.

A user on Flyertalk was kind enough to share that they had found $1350 per person deals, but after some digging, we were able to find dates where $1100 per person was all it took, with a lower end accommodation. Even if you check into the hotel and just move to an Airbnb, $1100 for round trip business class on American or British Airways – on fares that do earn miles – is just outrageous.

Where And When To Book

Don’t expect these deals to hang around very long. There’s a thread of when people are finding joy with the lowest prices, and searching April 07-12 I found $1100 options on my first search. Just go to AAvacations.com, search for flight and hotel, select business class and then filter by price, rather than popularity. Naturally, popularity shows you most of the worst deals.

Departure points of: New York, Boston, Miami and LA have been confirmed to work, others may too.

In general, January through April 2020 seems best.

a screenshot of a hotelAgain, you won’t find these on Google Flights or anywhere else, other than perhaps Orbitz or Expedia packages. This is an amazing way to earn tons of miles and status points at a relatively low cost, while enjoying one of the loveliest cities in Europe on the cheap, albeit with the total comfort of flat beds in both directions.

Cheers to that! Here’s a guide to avoiding Paris tourist traps, and a few great ways to stay on points

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      1. Omg. You are so insecure.

        Have to take a comment about bad time to visit paris as something personal to your ego.

        Try taking it a little less personally. Paris is a city, not your aunt or cat.

  1. But Gilbert wants $1100 round trip on a lie flat bed,hotel included , lots of free points , caviar AND for the airline providing that service to no longer exist. Lol. I don’t understand bloggers at all…

  2. Well I was looking at this an hour or so ago thanks to FT. Went back again and now the website just crashes every time and won’t return any results.

  3. Wow, fun comments on this one Gilbert. It seems like a good deal. I’ve traveled to Paris in the Winter and it’s quite nice. Mostly because some types of folks/tourists aren’t there I guess 🙂

  4. Love, love. love Paris in the Winter – less crowds, very romantic, and food just tastes better. Thanks for posting!

  5. I have been to Paris over 30 times but this year was the first year I was there from March 30-April 10. It was by far my favorite time of all my visits, due to the smaller crowds, crisp weather, and the absolutely gorgeous cherry blossom trees you don’t see later in spring. Cannot imagine why anyone would think otherwise.

  6. Gilbert, High Five! Thanks for the heads-up. We found room for two couples from SFO in late August at $1250 at a well located, recognized 4 star and still may burn a few nights and head elsewhere.

    Keep up the good work…

  7. Incredible deal, book wife and 2 kids for $5100 in a 5 star in Rome for 10 days this summer – what a steal. Thanks

  8. Great info, thanks for posting! I was able to secure R/T biz from Boston for 7 nights over spring break for $1375 each. I’ll be taking my high-school senior daughter who will also be doing a language immersion gap year in France next year.

  9. I’m actually doing / did it the other way round… for €950 business class Paris to Miami with BA in December just gone and the same price for Paris to LA with BA next week.

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