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Add another one to the list! After great news from South Africa and Peru, Chile is opening up to international visitors in December, just in time to capture peak season.

When it’s cold and miserable wherever you are in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s almost assuredly gorgeous in this South American hotspot, and now, once again, you can find out for yourself.

Boasting not just some of the world’s finest coast, but also the stunning mountains of Patagonia and endless wonders of Easter Island, Chile is a must for any traveler, and after months of closed borders, the country is reopening to everyone. Yes, everyone.

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Chile Reopening International Travel

Brazil pretty much stayed open, Colombia’s been open for months, but Chile was one of the last holdouts, keeping international borders closed. The country has prioritized safety in recent months, and manage to avoid many worst case scenarios due to covid-19 experienced elsewhere.

But as warm weather approaches in the Southern Hemisphere and good news surrounding future treatment and suppression of covid-19 continues to emerge, Chile is opening its international border for arrivals into Santiago. All travelers are welcome. Yes, Chile is opening to visitors from all countries, provided they follow the new rules.

As reported by La Tercera, and confirmed by health ministers, Chile is reopening international tourism to all visitors with a set target date of December 1st. The timing could be moved up, in line with Peru reopening early, or pushed back, but not likely by more than a week. Basically, if you’re thinking about a 2021 trip to Chile, it should be a lock!

11/ 13 Update: Chile has officially moved the reopening date up to November 23rd, which means the country is opening even earlier.

Chile Covid-19 Travel Entry Requirements

What will you need to join the sun and fun in Chile this winter, or summer?

All visitors to Chile must arrive into Santiago International Airport (SCL), and must also bring a negative covid-19 test certificate, taken no more than 72 hours prior to arrival in the country.

Visitors who come prepared with a negative test and do not appear symptomatic will be able to immediately enjoy Chile without quarantine, provided they download the health app, which helps visitors report symptoms and other concerns.

The “Prior to arrival” distinction is important, and far more demanding than “prior to departure”, since it means you’ll need to account for any time it takes in transit during your journey. Keep this in mind when figuring out a rapid testing site for your trip.

Chile has just been added to the UK’s ‘Travel Corridors’ List, which means that at the time of writing, anyone coming from Chile would not be forced to 14 day quarantine upon arrival in the UK, once the UK drops lockdown on December 2nd.

a glacier in the water
Image by LuisValiente from Pixabay

What’s It Like In Chile Right Now?

Chile has avoided worst case outcomes with covid-19, thanks in part to strict protocols around masks, and curfews. All visitors would be required to wear a mask in all public spaces, and to honor the 11PM-5AM curfew.

There will be plenty to do in the country, and unrest from last year has largely ceased. Side trips to the Atacama Desert and rugged landscapes of Patagonia are the things of dreams. Chile is an incredible option to have back, after months of closures.

If you’re planning to visit Chile, this could be one of the best years to do so, with half empty flights, better rates on accommodation and more room to explore.

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