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When I travel, I want that peaceful, easy feeling the Eagles sing about, which generally comes in the form of a high end hotel. Knowing that a comfortable oasis replete of wifi, heavenly bedding, overpriced shower products and Friends re runs awaits after a long day of tourism is immensely gratifying. Unfortunately, the indulgent comforts of a five star oasis usually come with a high price. We all just want as much bang for our buck, pound, euro, yen, and that’s why these cities are brilliant destinations, because the hotels are cheap and so is everything else…

a large building with a tower and a body of water


Thai anyone? Despite nearby Singapore remaining one of the most expensive hotel cities, Bangkok offers an incredible luxury experience at prices milder than their curries.

Avergage Five Star Cost: $178/£123

a bridge over a river with buildings in the background


A grand Budapest experience doesn’t require the old world money found in Wes Anderson’s film. The river city is rich in history and cheap in luxury hotels, thanks to stiff Euro competition.

Avergage Five Star Cost: $154/£107

a group of people standing in front of a white building with Taj Mahal in the background


Ride along the mythically healing Ganges river while visiting India’s capitol city. You’ll find a city where the only thing nicer than the spices, are the prices. The Taj Mahal just a drive away.

Avergage Five Star Cost: $161/£111

a large building with a red roof


Three millennia of history, a forbidden city, Tiananmen Square, modern architecture, fake Rolex’s and all the Chinese food, which there, is just food, all at a stunningly low price tag.

Avergage Five Star Cost: $203/£141

a large building with colorful domes and a city in the background

St Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a unique look into an unmatched world of iconic art and stately design. Experience life as a Czar, taste caviar and better yet, do it at prices that’ll take you far.

Avergage Five Star Cost: $234/£162

Acropolis of Athens on a hill with a moon in the background


Greece is known for dramatic natural beauty, all set along blue hued seas and volcanic cliffs. You’ll find plenty of fish, more Ouzo than you may wish and great bargains on amazing views.

Avergage Five Star Cost: $189/£131

a large gold pagoda at night with Shwedagon Pagoda in the background


Experience old Bombay, stay at the Taj Mahal hotel, without seeing the actual Taj Mahal and enjoy some of the finest cuisine in the world. Elephant caves, temples, lots to do. Cheap too.

Avergage Five Star Cost: $164/£114

a city with red roofs


Steep hillsides, roman ruin, this capitol city features more than enough culture, food and atmosphere to keep you buzzing for days. Maybe that’s the wine. Either way, hotels are cheap.

Avergage Five Star Cost: $210/£145

a group of islands in the water


Ha Long Bay is just a boat ride away and some of the most glamorous hotels in the world can be procured without a boat load of money. Hanoi is a stunning city with true value.

Avergage Five Star Cost: $125/£87

a city with many people and a monument


Warsaw, so worth it. Not only will you find some of the most important historical sites of the 20th century, you’ll find a welcoming, unique culture with incredible prices…on everything.

Avergage Five Star Cost: $114/£79

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