Does the card in your wallet offer 5x points on almost everything you buy for the next three months? It just might! Chase Freedom is one of the best no annual fee credit cards on the planet, which offers a rotating list of 5x points for every purchase. Every three months the 5x categories change, creating new opportunities to maximize points. This coming quarter beginning April 1st you’ll find grocery stores, which are great – but you’ll also find PayPal, which unlocks 5x on just about everything!

5x PayPal

If they take PayPal, 5x it is! Almost every airline, online shop and even many in person shops take PayPal. By making PayPal a 5x category, you can earn 5x points on airfare purchases, hotels, latte’s and more for the next three months. For a no annual fee card, that’s a ridiculously good rate of return on your spending! Just make your Chase Freedom card your primary payment source for PayPal for all purchases starting April 1st. Simple!

And 5x Groceries

Every human shares three common needs: the need to breath, the need to eat and the need to drink water. For two out of those three, you can also earn 5x back through June, with the exception of Walmart. All other grocery stores will apply! This is an easy opportunity to find yet more use for the Chase Freedom card during this quarter.

Register Now

Registering for your 5x points is essential. It’s free – right here. Don’t forget, even though the Freedom is a cash back card, if you have a Chase Sapphire Preferred or Reserve, you can move the Freedom points into points from either of those, making them instantly more valuable or allowing you to transfer them to an airline or hotel. Free flight or hotel anyone?

No Fee, No Brainer

The Chase Freedom card carries no annual fee and the 5x categories are free too. We get nothing for suggesting credit cards, but personally carry this card for this exact purpose. You are eligible to receive 5x back on the first $1500 in purchases, making for 7,500 potential bonus points. That’s enough for a free one way flight in the US and almost anywhere else in the world.

Are you maximizing your Chase Freedom points?


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