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There's a 75,000 point bonus on Capital One Venture right now.
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Let’s cut to the chase. We all know it’s been a weird year, everyone keeps reminding us and we’re doing things a little differently, right? Good, got it. In response, Capital One added a variety of limited time perks and offers to a variety of credit cards, and today we know that many of these handy offers which bring more points, or better ways to use points, plus a few side benefits are being extended well into 2021.

a hand holding a credit card
There’s a 100,000 point bonus on Capital One Venture right now.

Capital One Extends Limited Time Perks

All good things must come to an end, but not yet. Capital One has extended limited time offers and opportunities to redeem points through April 30th, 2021. What perks we talking about? Here’s a list of the things which won’t be disappearing from your card, yet…

  • Savor cardholders continue to earn 4% cash back (3% for SavorOne) on streaming service subscriptions, like Netflix, Hulu, etc. This is a great way to maximize cash back earning on subscriptions you’re undoubtedly binging on.
  • Venture and VentureOne cardholders can continue to redeem miles for food delivery and streaming services at full value, the same rate as travel purchases. This means you can cover UberEats and other purchase at a rate where 10,000 points equals $100 in cash back.
  • Spark Miles and Spark Miles Select cardholders can continue to redeem miles for eligible phone services, restaurant takeout and food delivery purchases. This makes it easy to get value for your miles, with a variety of options at full value.
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New Partnerships Too

In addition to these limited time offers, Capital One has continued expanding its partnerships to make credit cards cool again. One that’s particularly delicious, is the new partnership with the Michelin Guide. Cardmembers gain exclusive access to one off Michelin star meals via takeout, with a virtual cocktail party hosted by the chef.

If there’s anything more indulgent than Michelin starred meals, it’s enjoying them in sweatpants from home, with cocktails and wine from the restaurant all delivered to your door.

In addition, Capital One expands its rewards program into PayPal, making it easier to cover some, or all of your purchases with your Venture Miles or Cash Back. Amazon is also now available as an easy redemption option too.

Speaking of which, we now know that the best-ever, 100,000 point bonus on the Venture Card is coming to an end on December 14th. If you’ve been thinking of adding $1000 in cash back, or 80,000 airline miles to your portfolio, give it a ponder, because unlike these other perks, that offer is coming to a close. Check out the card.

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