We all have varying definitions of cheap, but for the most part there’s only one definition for five star hotels and that is “nice”. Though degrees may vary, another definition without too much wiggle room is a discount. Anytime you can purchase something for less than the current going rate, it represents meaningful savings. By purchasing hotel points in IHG’s current sale, you can find yourself a substantial discount at many top properties around the world…

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During a points sale, it’s the bonus points that sweeten the deal and IHG currently has a sweet promotion offering a 100% bonus on all points purchases. Essentially if you purchase 50,000 points you’ll get 100,000 points which you can use at top hotel groups like Intercontinental. Here’s a basic example of value: In the sale you can buy 50,000 points, the most required for an IHG hotel free night for $287. Is $287 for a hotel room per night cheap? Not really, but do five star properties in cities like London, San Francisco, Vegas, New York and elsewhere almost always go for much, much more? Yes, yes they do. At the very least it makes it “cheaper”. 

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Let’s take the London Intercontinental Park Lane. It’s lowest published rate is £349 and for most dates, that’s the best you can do. Even at a holiday special rate I found the lowest rate i’ve seen is £251 which when converted to dollars is $381 per night. As you can see, provided there is availability, which is generally fantastic, you can use the points to book this property or others (even if they’re far more expensive) for $287 per night, an instant savings of $100, or much more in this example. Buy points HERE.

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Was that compelling enough? Perhaps not. Let’s take the Intercontinental San Francisco as another example. As one of the top properties in the city it’s notoriously expensive. I just pulled up rates for most of January and because of what I assume to be a lot of business travel, the lowest rate on many nights is $1000. Hopefully we’ve just arrived at the same conclusion. If you purchased points in a sale such as this one; you could hedge the rate, guaranteeing $287 per night. That’s a savings per night that might get the eyes open. 

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The best way to buy points is to find a use for them and burn them quickly. If you have an upcoming vacation, work trip or getaway and know your dates, search for availability for a free room using IHG points. If it’s available using points and the rate for your nights are above $287, it’s a no brainer buy the room for $287 in this points sale! Enjoy!

Link to buy: IHG Points Sale.

As Always, Get In Touch: GodSaveThePoints@gmail.com 

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