You had me at free cake…

If your name is Harry, Megan or Meghan, you may want to make some last minute holiday plans with British Airways. Even if it’s not, and you enjoy free cake, you may want to as well. The airline is almost as rabidly excited for the #RoyalWedding as well wishers around the world and in true royal celebratory fashion, British Airways is launching absurdly nice perks for the big day. From personal champagne bottles for everyone on board to first class lounge access and matching wedding cakes – May 19th may be the best day to fly British Airways in 2018…

a plane flying above the cloudsHarry And Meghan Flight

Toronto anyone? Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are said to have began their relationship in Toronto, Canada and to celebrate the #RoyalWedding, the BA93 flight from London to Toronto on May 19th will be operated by a crew all named Harry or Meghan. In addition, every customer on the flight will receive a personal bottle of champagne to toast the new couple. Every customer. In every cabin. Oh – and there will be cake too. Champagne and cake? SOLD!

people walking in a hallwayHarry And Meghan First Class Lounge Access

Named Harry or Meghan? On May 19th, if you’re departing from London Heathrow Terminal 5, anyone (legally) named Harry, Megan or Meghan and their travel companions will be invited to use the exclusive First Wing for check in, as well as the British Airways First Class lounge! Yep, even if you’re booked in economy, just show your passport at the door and you’ll be whisked through private security and into the comfy first lounge, where cake and champagne will be waiting – amongst other things. The first wing is at the far right hand side of the terminal, as you walk through the entry doors.

a large airport terminal with luggage carts and peopleCake For Everyone

All customers, regardless of name, flying out on the 19th of May from Heathrow Terminal 5 will experience Elderflower Victoria Sponge cake. In what we’re sure is pure coincidence, it happens to be the same flavor being served at the wedding. We don’t know exactly how said cake will be distributed, but it’s fair to say it will be almost everywhere. After all, #RoyalWedding celebrations will be in full swing. Be sure to wave to Windsor Castle as you climb out through the skies! Oh, and they’ve loaded Suits onto most flights. It’s a great watch!

Don’t ever say the royals haven’t done anything for you!

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  1. Or fly KLM who manage to give every customer a slice of cake on every flight inc. shorthaul…
    WTF has a Spanish registered and traded organisation that refuses to even offer it’s customers a cuppa got to do with the Royal wedding?

  2. The world’s favourite airline, NOT! “Let them eat cake!” pretty much sums up my experience in business class (no class) LHR to LAX.

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