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Grab the tissues. Better yet, just wait until you’re home…

This is the time of year to change your stars and give new hope with a new year. If you’re too jaded to believe that, you probably need to go back to the feeling of being a kid, when the world seemed full of endless possibilities and dreams. There’s no movie on earth that symbolizes the joy of being a kid quite like Home Alone 2, and for some of the most deserving youngsters in the United Kingdom, British Airways just turned that Hollywood dream into reality. You’re about to laugh and you’re definitely about to cry too…

a man holding a boy's shirtFour children, four stories and a year of hardship, but not for long. British Airways Magic is British Airways “give back” initiative designed to surprise and delight deserving people from all walks of life.  Over the years they’ve done an incredible amount of good. If you can get through the videos without emotion, you’re just-not-human and you’ll soon find out with this one.

a group of people standing in front of a large billboardThis year British Airways is stepping up its “magic” game with 100 acts of kindness in 2019 to celebrate the 100th year centenary. That’s “magic” almost every three days. First up: Christmas in New York, “Kevin” style. Yes, there’s only one “Kevin” and his last name needs no introduction this time of year. From the park to the Plaza, these incredible kids got the holiday they deserve in a year when they needed it most and seeing it is simply beautiful. Just watch, words don’t do it justice. Oh, and sadly the “Sticky Bandits” weren’t around for another walloping.

Told ya’ so.

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