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Wine clubs are not new. Good ones though, kind of are. In a refreshingly innovative twist, British Airways, or rather IAG Loyalty, has launched a new wine offering that not only offer significant bonus points for purchases, but some actually fantastic wine too.

How? Unlike traditional airline wine clubs, simply which simply operate off of other preexisting wine club businesses, IAG Loyalty went out and built their own wine shop, from sourcing all the way to shipping and handling too.

The result is fewer hands in the cookie jar, which allows the newly launched ‘The Wine Flyer’ to deliver richer rewards with the more direct to consumer approach.

With an introductory offer bringing up to 15 Avios per buck or pound spent, it’s a good time for a browse. I may, or may not, get all of my early Holiday wine shopping done on here.

a glass of wine next to a window

IAG Loyalty Launches “The Wine Flyer”

Like almost all internet transactions, bonus points, or in this case, Avios, are issued thanks to commissions or margins made on purchases. The more in control of the sale you are, the more rewards you can offer.

By setting up their own wine business and buying from top merchants in places where British Airways flies, IAG Loyalty is able to invest more into rewarding customers than other competitors. That’s pretty cool.

One fun element as well, is that the new “Wine Flyer” offers many customer favorite wines found in the air on BA, in addition to the legitimately fine wines and some value offers as well.

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Big Avios Offers Up to 15 Avios Per!

For a limited time, The Wine Flyer from BA and IAG Loyalty is offering 10 Avios per £ spent on standard orders, and will soon offer a whopping 15 Avios / £ on wine club subscriptions.

Both can have real merit, particularly with the increased savings on “good” wine, that this fresh concept is bringing.

I’m a self professed wine snob, and I’ve got to say, I’m very impressed. It takes a lot to get me to consider orders outside of a Wine Society, or open source Vivino, but the Avios on top of highly competitive pricing make the product very hard to ignore.

How To Order

Enough chit chat, there’s toasts to be had.

Cleverly, you need to create a British Airways Executive Club account to order wine, if you don’t have one already. If you do have one, you just go to TheWineFlyer.co.uk and login with the same login credentials you would to book flights or search availability on British Airways.

So yeah, login, browse, see if anything makes sense, and then earn a bunch of Avios for the drinking you’re already doing anyway! Cheers to that…

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  1. Sorry but Ansett (through it’s Golden Wing Club) was the first, having had a very good wine club back in the 80s as Australia’s wine industry matured to join other new world wineries in challenging the European classics. I still have a bottle of their Anniversary port!

  2. They’ll have to improve considerably on what they serve onboard* if they are to retain any customers…
    Whilst at it, why the frills, when they remain incapable of delivering the advertised meals or answering the phone?
    *= Excepting the champagne

  3. BA could have the best wines in the world, for the best prices ever seen for these wines, but they’d still find a way to make it crappy.

    1. These blanket statements need validation. What’s cheaper? By how much? Is shipping free? Are you earning rewards points (Avios) on the purchase?

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