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When it comes to a summer getaway, there’s always the issue of price – but then immediately after that comes the matter of ease. You want somewhere you can get to without a connection, without hassle and preferably with a flight time that gets you there without knackering you before the journey even starts. British Airways is launching 6 seasonal summer flights, and with attractive launch prices to match nonstop flights, it’s a great time to take a look…

a sunset over a body of waterSix Summer European Routes From Heathrow

British Airways will fly to Montenegro, Kosovo, a new destination in Italy, two top Turkish getaways and the dreamy Greek island of Rhodes this summer. Each destination marks an expanded summer schedule from Heathrow, and most importantly – direct flights.

With the largest Italian cities being bombarded by mainstream tourism, people are heading to secondary and tertiary cities offering a more local experience, and now British Airways will fly direct from Heathrow to Perugia. Think: mountains, picturesque towns set in the hills and wine.

As far as beach getaways go, it’s tough to beat Bodrum, Dalaman or Rhodes, and Heathrow will also now offer a season flight to each destination, with Bodrum and Dalaman running late May to very late October. Rhodes on the other hand will operate July through August only. which is generally the time table for the other summer schedule additions as well. A breakdown of each is as follows…

Route Day of week Flight number Departure airport Arrival airport Departure time Arrival time Dates of operation
Bodrum Saturday 670 LHR BJV 12:05 19:20 23 May – 24 Oct
671 BJV LHR 17:20 22:35 23 May – 24 Oct
Dalaman Saturday 678 LHR DLM 06:25 13:40 23 May – 24 Oct
679 DLM LHR 12:00 17:15 23 May – 24 Oct
Perugia Monday 616 LHR PEG 10:10 14:35 02 Jul – 31 Aug
617 PEG LHR 13:25 17:00 02 Jul – 31 Aug
Thursday 616 LHR PEG 15:25 19:50 02 Jul – 31 Aug
617 PEG LHR 18:45 22:20 02 Jul – 31 Aug
Saturday 616 LHR PEG 13:55 18:20 02 Jul – 31 Aug
617 PEG LHR 17:10 20:45 02 Jul – 31 Aug
Pristina Saturday 528 LHR PRN 13:20 18:20 04 Jul – 29 Aug
529 PRN LHR 17:10 21:30 04 Jul – 29 Aug
Rhodes Saturday 624 LHR RHO 06:55 14:10 02 Jul – 31 Aug
625 RHO LHR 12:15 17:35 02 Jul – 31 Aug
Podgorica Saturday 532 LHR TGD 14:10 19:10 02 Jul – 31 Aug
533 TGD LHR 18:00 22:10 02 Jul – 31 Aug

Since many of these routes fall under the “leisure” category and are typically dominated by low cost airlines, British Airways is launching these flights (which are on sale now) with competitively low fares, such as £40 to Perugia, or £70 to Kosovo or Montenegro, with fares in the £120’s and up to Turkey and Greece.

a white buildings with boats in the waterPutting Avios To Work

Availability on these summer routes can be scarce, so if you have Avios to use, it’s a great time to dive in and try to pick off some seats before everyone catches onto these new Heathrow offerings. Peak summer flights can be a great time to cash in your Avios Points, and even if you’ve never bothered to earn any, there are 23 ways you can earn Avios from home, today!

If you happen to be a British Airways Executive Club Gold member, don’t forget that you can use double the standard points to make a seat available using points even if one doesn’t currently exist, provided you’re able to book at least 30 days in advance. Being that it’s winter, and this would be for next summer, that shouldn’t be a problem…

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