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Frequent flyer miles? More like frequent buyer miles…

If there’s one travel trick far too many people miss out on, it’s this one. Everyone has gifts to buy, and virtually everyone forgets that from almost any store, you can actually earn tons of Avios points with each purchase. Yep – buying an iPad could legitimately unlock a free flight. It’s all done via the British Airways e-Store, which rewards you for clicking to your favorite brands from their website…

a person holding a credit card and typing on a laptopThe Story

LEGO, Apple, Nike, ASOS, Selfridge’s, The White Company, Fortnum & Mason. That’s just a handful of the shops where you can earn thousands upon thousands of points just for buying things you were already going to, in addition to any credit card points you’d earn. Every click on the internet counts, and when you click over to these great websites from the British Airways E-Store, the purchase is tracked. Just for making the extra click, British Airways rewards you with Avios for every £. Note: this only works online.

Imagine This

Someone in your household (maybe you) has been pushy this year, and is desperate for a new iPhone X. British Airways always offers Avios for every dollar spent at Apple online, but until the 23rd of December, you can earn a whopping 6 Avios per £ spent! That means a £1000 purchase would earn 6,000 Avios, in addition to any points from your credit card. That’s more than enough for a one way short haul flight, and nearly half way to some upgrades.

British Airways AviosA Few Standout Offers

The big news is that this is a super limited time bonus, which makes it the ultimate time to buy. You’ll collect double Avios from now thru December 23rd only, and a few stores have super lucrative deals through the British Airways E-Store like…

  • 6 Avios / £ at Apple
  • 10 Avios / £ at Fortnum & Mason
  • 16 Avios / £ at Groupon
  • 6 Avios / £ at Bose
  • 6 Avios / £ at ASOS
  • 50 Avios / £ at McAfee

How To Get Your Points

First, you need a British Airways Executive Club account. If you don’t have one, create one here. Once you have one, you’ll want to visit this link. While logged in, simply find your favorite online retailer and click over. It’s always good to take screenshots at each juncture, just in case signals get lost in the process. Go to the store of your choice from the massive list, buy your favorite goodies and after a bit of time, the points will roll in. The more you spend, the more Avios you earn without even flying. More like frequent buyer miles, right?


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