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Flights from Europe to the US are virtually always cheaper than flights going the other way. So for travelers flying from the US, every discount helps. For years there’s been an instantly valuable promotion allowing passengers to save at least $65 on any British Airways ticket from the United States to Europe and beyond. Unfortunately, the airline has cut away at the discount for a second time.

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British Airways has held a long running partnership with AARP. Once a group for retired people in the United States, it’s now a member interest organization, open to people of all ages. For $16 a year, anyone could join and instantly reap savings on British Airways flights which originate from the United States.

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British Airways has devalued their AARP partnership. Again. Originally, any AARP member could instantly take $400 off any First or Business Class flight, $130 off Premium Economy and $65 off flights in Economy from the US to places all over the world. Last year the Business and First Class discount was halved to $200. As of yesterday, the Premium Economy discount has disappeared. AARP members can still save $200 on Business Class and $65 off economy tickets.

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Premium Economy is the new Economy. Airlines are engaged in a never ending war to densify their economy cabins, removing inches of legroom, recline and comfort wherever humanly possible. Premium Economy offers a comfortable, highly palatable experience with comfort that rivals domestic first class seats. Taking $130 off was a great option for US travelers and it’s sad to see this go. Here’s how to use the AARP discount, while it lasts.


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