a pool with a building and a mountain in the background

When we say up to $1000’s, we’re actually serious…

India is immense in every sense of the word, and if you ask anyone that’s been, you’ll want to balance the hustle of the exciting cities with the surreal beauty of the countryside and mountains. From Marine Drive in Mumbai to the highest peaks of the Himalayas’ and the sunken palaces of Udaipur, one hotel chain seems to stand above the rest: Oberoi. The hotel group offers virtually unparalleled luxury in just about every place you’d like to go, which leaves one problem: the price. With some hotels fetching over $1000 a night, you’d think some Oberoi properties are out of reach, but like many things in life, there’s a trick for that…

a pool with a deck chair and umbrella
Oberoi Shimla

Amazing Places

Oberoi offers the only hotel near the Taj Mahal with unobstructed views, sitting a mere 600 meters from the entrance – and yes, every room features Taj Mahal views. And that’s pretty much what you can expect at every Oberoi, like the one pictured above in Udaipur. These hotels are all over $500 a night, with some fetching well above $1000, but with a simple trick, you can genuinely save $100’s per night.

a pool with a building and a mountain in the background
Oberoi Udaipur

Oberoi Exotic Vacations

You can quite literally pay less for a six night stay than just a 1 night stay by booking like a pro. Oberoi offers Exotic vacations packages for travelers staying a total of 6 nights or more in the country, which changes each participating property from a per night basis, to a set price basis. For a minimum six night stay with Oberoi in India, you’ll pay just $275++ per night from April 9th – September 30th each year, and can move around to a bunch of hotels. If you go during the rest of the year, prices start at $$569 per night. The Oberoi Agra is included, and on first search, rates there are often over $1300 per night. By staying six nights and exploring the country with Oberoi, you lock in rates at a mere fraction of what you’d pay if you book separately.

a large lobby with a piano and chairs
Oberoi Mumbai

Extra Perks In India Too

Turning $1300 a night into $275 or less (the longer you stay, the lower the rate) is already an exceptional value, but if you book one of the Exotic Vacations experiences, you enjoy additional privileges like airport transfers, daily breakfast and free yoga classes. Basically, if you’re going to India, planning to move around and see Delhi or Mumbai, Udaipur, Jaipur, Shimla or Agra, you just can’t beat the value here. You can move around as much or as little as you like. Long story short: this is an extreme winner. We stayed at the Oberoi Mumbai this year, and rate it as one of the best hotel experiences we’ve ever had, so this offer has us pondering a return – ASAP.

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    1. True. Also, maximising is only good mainly in Rajasthan, Shimla and a few other palace/exotic locations. In Mumbai etc it would be half price to the 275usd at times.

      Basically worth checking normal rates, OTA rates and this at every property you plan to stay at. Then take a call on what’s cheaper. If you are just going to Rajasthan, then I think this deal is a no brainer.

    1. Does it say sponsored? Then no. All sponsored posts are clearly labeled for the avoidance of any doubt. There is such thing as good products in the world, and we are fans.

  1. The most important & unforgettable thing that keep visiting me in these hotel is their bath amenities collection. The best one is from Inara India among all which I used yet.

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