People always talk about reinventing the wheel and I have no idea how that’s going. Reinventing airplane food however has come a long, long way. Chefs are the new rockstars, collaborations are so in right now and it’s an arms race in the sky to serve meals considered heavenly regardless of altitude. Whether it’s chefs on a plane, rare truffles, book the cook or just a simple classic done to perfection, there are some mighty fine meals to be had. Using miles means you might not even have to pay for them!

a plate of food with a sprig of thyme

Cathay Pacific First Class

The Dish: Put a five star airline together with a five star hotel and good things happen. The roasted chicken with chanterelles, lemon confit and braised cannellini’s is an example of the ongoing collaboration between Cathay Pacific and top hotel such as Mandarin Oriental and Hyatt. Each month a different head chef from a top hotel crafts a menu using the best seasonal ingredients and flavors to give you a meal worthy of the Krug champagne served alongside.

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Singapore First Suites

The Dish: You know you’ve done something right if you’re eating lobster, especially so on a commercial flight. Singapore first suites are as close as you can come to having a private executive chef hanging around your home kitchen. You know, just ready to cook whatever you’d like. Up to 24 hours before your flight you can select your perfect meal including the legendary Lobster Thermidor above from their menu and sure enough, it will turn up ordered to perfection. Pairs nicely with the Dom Perignon…

a plate of food with a fork and a piece of fish

Qatar Airways Business + First

The Dish: You had me at teriyaki and truffles. Whether zero feet or 38,000 feet, it’s not every day that you get to feast on a Nobu inspired meal. Chef Nobu Matsuhisa is celebrated the world around for his clean, inventive approach to Japanese flavor. This hand selected piece of yellowtail in a teriyaki truffle sauce complimented by seasonal vegetables including sweet potato is no exception. Qatar have curated an incredible Ala Carte menu and fortunately, anyone in first or business can give it a try!

a plate of food with a fork and knife

Emirates First Class

The Dish: A picture is worth a thousand words, or just yum. Emirates, not to be outdone by competition offers an extensive a la carte made to order menu including favorites like this mint and herb crusted rack of lamb. They say you are what you eat and Emirates takes menu inspiration from dishes served in only the fanciest Michelin star restaurants.

a plate of steak and vegetables

Etihad First Class

The Dish: Singapore has “book the cook”, Etihad of course has book the award winning chef. I am a sucker for red meat and any steak lover would be hard pressed to pass up a grass fed beef tenderloin with freshly made bearnaise sauce. Knowing that you can have it served however you like with whatever you fancy by an onboard chef just makes it taste even better.

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I have a fascination with using miles for aspirational experiences I wouldn’t or couldn’t pay for. It’s impossible not to get a kick out of using miles and finding yourself drinking multi hundred dollar bottles of champagne and experiencing meals designed, prepared and sometimes even cooked by the world’s greatest chefs. Also, Thai Airways, my great friend Hong Thaimee is one of the best Thai chefs in the world and on her way to stardom, add her as your guest chef and I will put you on the list.

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