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A single simple site where you can search for almost any air travel need like seats using miles, how many discount seats are really left or if the seat you want suddenly becomes available all in one place? It sounds too good to be true, but it is in fact not and actually, it just got a whole lot better. ExpertFlyer was already our favorite tool for air travel needs, but after adding new airline availability, it’s gotten even better…

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ExpertFlyer.com Just Added More Airlines That Display Inventory Of Available Seats Using Miles…

ExpertFlyer.com is a paid tool which allows anyone to search for coveted “free” seats using miles in any cabin like a pro. Rather than constantly needing to check back to see if things have changed or scarce seats have opened up, the service let’s you create email alerts for the flights you want, which puts you first in line if the airline opens availability. Though they already cover an impressive amount of airlines, until this week they were missing a few key sought after options like Etihad, Virgin Atlantic, Virgin Australia and a few SkyTeam airlines for their award seat coverage. Now that’s all changed. If you’ve ever wanted to fly on any of these airlines you can now easily search “free flight” space for each one, in one place.

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Is It Worth the $10 Monthly FEE?

How much is an incredible free flight on the dates you want without the effort of constantly searching worth to you? Not only does the service cover flights using miles, it also shows availability for each fare class on paid tickets, something you can’t really find anywhere else. Being able to see inventory allows you to better understand if prices are really going to drop or if there’s “really” only one seat left at that price, a thing the airlines love to say. On top of that it allows you to get notified if a certain seat in your cabin becomes available. Perhaps you like 12D but it’s occupied when you go to select seats. if that changes, as it often does, you’ll be first in line. You CAN cancel any time, so getting a one month subscription and not renewing is never a bad idea, if you’re needs for the year can be done month to month. Join HERE.

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What Other Airlines Are Covered? Can You Search Upgrades Too?

The airline offers data for over 400 airlines, which including these new partners should pretty much have everyone covered. The major players like Delta, United, British Airways, American, Air France, Cathay Pacific and so forth are all in. Another awesome feature of ExpertFlyer is being able to search upgrade space, which with some airlines is different than space for seats simply using miles. Being able to see upgrade space before booking allows you to either instantly confirm an upgrade with miles or a certificate or have a better understanding of which flights you may stand the best chance on…

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