Let’s talk miles per hour and lets talk lovely vacation. Dubai is way up there on the perennial favorite beach and city destinations. 50,000 miles for 14+ hours of flying in business class equates to just about 3,500 points per hour of luxury. That’s not a bad combo, eh? There’s a surprisingly easy way to fly Lufthansa business class to Dubai from anywhere in Europe, and vice versa too!

Three Points Work

Got Amex, SPG or Singapore Airlines points? Or a combination of the three? You’re in business. Singapore Airlines charges just 50,000 points round trip between anywhere and Europe and the Middle East, including Dubai. Even though you are booking via Singapore, you’ll fly on Lufthansa. You can instantly convert Amex points into Singapore Airlines miles, and SPG hotel points can be converted into Singapore Airlines miles as well. You can even buy the SPG points needed for a boost.

Three Way Flip

If you have 50,000 Singapore Airlines points you’re all set to go. If you don’t, you’ll do a little three way shell game. First you’ll transfer your points from Amex or SPG to Singapore Airlines. Then you’ll call Singapore Airlines to book your round trip Lufthansa business class flights. It really couldn’t be easier. You’ll just need to find availability, which is also easy.

Finding Availability

The easiest way to find availability is by searching United.com. United Airlines displays Lufthansa business class space easily. You’re looking for space in the “Saver” column. IGNORE the prices which United quotes for these flights. Every airline charges different rates in points for different flights, which is the arbitrage part of this exciting experience. If a Saver level business class seat is available on a Lufthansa flight, on United.com. You simply call Singapore Airlines to book.

Any questions? Leave them below and we’ll help you book this amazing value.

HT: StraightToThePoint

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