a path in a park with bushes and trees

No two years are the same…

The bad news is: summer is over. The good news is: we will soon delight in the beautiful fall foliage which makes the cold chill of autumn feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy. The reds, oranges and yellows are like something out of an impressionist dream, and there’s an entire tourism industry dedicated to capturing the perfect shot for the gram’. If you’re looking for that ideal Autumnal holiday, filled with pretty parks, colorful leaves and iconic scenes, here are some of the best places in the world to visit – and the best times to go.

a path in a park with bushes and treesKyoto, Japan

There are many fabulous reasons to visit Japan and fall foliage is just one of them. You can usually catch the beautiful colors from late October through to early/mid December, making mid November prime time. Kyoto has too many pristine parks and temples to count and the food is off the charts, making it a win win, whatever your travel interests – other than beautiful foliage of course. Sadly, floods have damaged the area this year, but here’s hoping the trees rebound.

a colorful trees and a body of waterNortheast, USA

Sure, it’s a big area, but there are just too many classic spots to choose from. From Central Park in New York to Newbury Street in downtown Boston, you’ll be truly impressed by what nature has in store, if your timing is just right. For those that want it all, the countrysides of Maine, Vermont or upstate New York are just about perfect. Depending on how early winter sets in, October and November will bring your best bets.

a vineyard with many rows of vinesTuscany, Italy

If you can peel yourself away from the spectacular food and wine that puts Tuscany at the top of any foodie’s list of world domination, you’ll see rolling fields offering virtually all of nature’s most beautiful earth tone shades, juxtaposed against gorgeous mist. From late September through to late November you’ll see the changes taking place not only in the colors, but also on the menus. With smaller crowds and a chance to witness “crush”, it’s an ideal time to visit.

a city skyline by a body of waterVancouver, Canada

Any nature fan will love Vancouver all year long, but Stanley Park and the blessed city scenery in every direction comes alive with rich, vibrant shades during the Autumn months. Contrary to pop culture belief, it’s one of the more temperate winter destinations, and almost never as cold as you think it’ll be. Head to Vancouver in October or November to see the best of it and enjoy lovely hikes, bike rides and more.

a castle on a hill with trees and mountains in the backgroundBavaria, Germany

Why not combine Oktoberfest fun with a bit natural beauty? Take in crisp mountain air, dramatic scenery and sought after Bavarian culture and cuisine, all in one spot. If you’re looking for the classic “like worthy”, knock out photo, head to the truly remarkable Neuschwanstein Castle in southwest Bavaria (pictured above). It’s the closest you’ll probably ever come, to feeling like a fairy tale – unless you’re already a prince or princess – the official kind, of course.

a landscape with a river and treesLake District, U.K.

Whichever part you’re going to, the Lake District et al can be truly lovely in autumn. Whether you’re hiking for glorious mountain top views, or simply appreciating the reflections in the lakes, you won’t be disappointed. Walk up Castle Crag to enjoy seemingly endless, uninhibited views over Borrowdale. From mid-late September, through to early November, the scenery is picture perfect – plus, it’s less busy than the summer months, which is nice.

a row of trees with yellow leavesNamiseom Island, South Korea

Nami Island is unique during all four seasons, and the fall foliage is some of the best you’ll find anywhere. From mid October through November, you can catch bright reds and brilliant golds as the perfectly lined trees take on a magical effect. Located in Chuncheon, this is definitely a must visit next time you’re in this part of the world – no matter what time of year.

What’s your favorite fall foliage getaway?

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  1. I don’t like fall in general – I like it hot – but I do enjoy the leaves. My wife loves it though so she’s looking forward to the change in seasons. Some nice places to go.

  2. Berkshires in Massachsetts is one of the best places for foliage, from late September thru all October. Also try lake region in New Hampshire around Lakonia.

  3. Also good place to go in Autumn is Zakopane (Poland). You will love that place. It is mountain city with beautiful views! Good place to stay in that city is Villa Motylek!

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