Meeting cancel? Get in early? Want to make dinner? British Airways have just made what could be a significant improvement to the way you move around Europe, condensing fare types into some common sense, user friendly options…

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Hand Baggage Only, With Checked Bag, and Fully Flexible. Simple enough right? Beginning March 8th, all Euro Traveller flights will be comprised of these three options. With the Hand Baggage Only option, you’ll get no free checked bag and no free changes. With the Checked Bag fare, you will be able to change to any other flight, to and from the same destination, on the same day for absolutely free, and you’ll be able to select complimentary seats 48 hours in advance. With the Fully Flexible ticket, you’ll be able to change day and time, at any time and select a seat at booking. No changes to Club Europe.

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This is awesome news for those of us who would purchase a standard, discount economy fare including a bag. Plans really do change, things happen and being able to move to another flight on the same day penalty free is a very friendly change, which all passengers can benefit from and understand. Free seat selection at 48 hours certainly sweetens the deal as well. So yep, starting March 8th, you can book one of these tickets knowing you have some new benefits! Let’s just hope they don’t hike the rates.

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