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Virgin's Departure Beach in Barbados

If you’re in North America, particularly the United States of America or Canada, it just got a bit easier to visit the Barbados. But if the lazy new method of entry is appealing to you, you’ll need to pony up a bit more than the standard means of making yourself eligible to enjoy fun in the winter sun in this Bajan wonderland.

No guess work, no problem, right?

Barbados At Home Testing

The big “sigh” for travel planning right now is pre-flight covid-19 testing. It’s the safest way to reboot travel, but not without challenges for people who want to visit countries which require them.

In many parts of the world, it’s just not easy – or cheap to get a rapid covid-19 test result back within 72 hours of your departure, and Barbados is answering the call for the people who want easy, and don’t really care about cheap, via a partnership with StageZero Life Sciences.

Barbados has been one of the most sought after countries in the reboot of travel, with new digital nomad visas for long stays, and fair balance between safety protocols and opportunities to enjoy the destination to the fullest extent.

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Barbados is always “worth it”, but until now, that millennial justification for everything didn’t make things any easier.

Via the new covid-19 testing partnership, those who don’t want to venture out into the world to source their own covid-19 test to visit Barbados can order one via StageZero, who will send someone to your home to conduct the test in comfort, at a schedule of your choosing – within the necessary parameters.

The test will then be sent away and results are guaranteed to be returned on time for your flight, removing all the stress and drama from the travel equation. Obviously, the next question is about cost, and it ain’t cheap. At home testing runs $265 for one, $425 for two, $545 for three and $665 for four people, with further discounts thereafter.

Now, since standard testing at clinics ranges from $90-$200 per person anyway, a few friends traveling together could do quite well out of this, by arranging for everyone to be tested at the same time. Four people comes out to $166 per person, which means home testing for about the same cost most will pay for a trip to a lab or pharmacy.

For budget travelers, destinations which don’t require pre-flight testing are going to remain more appealing for the time being and Mexico, Turkey, the Dominican Republic and Colombia are a few options Americans have to achieve that.

But if cash isn’t the main barrier to your travels, and destinations taking covid-19 security are part of the destination selection process, this is a great new option to sort testing out, without the stress. You can read the latest on Barbados entry restrictions here.

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