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Bali is worth the trip, especially when it’s on Singapore Airlines…

At the end of the day, most travel experiences are judged on whether they’re “worth it”, or not. A trip to Bali is always worth it. When you can get there refreshed from a five star premium economy seat, for not all that much more than economy, that’s absolutely worth it as well. Bali is the dream, and right now Singapore Airlines has the hottest deals to get you there within breaking the wallet or the back.

a row of seats in an airplaneThe Bali Flight Deals

Bali, in case you haven’t looked, is about as far away as a destination can be without that destination being Australia. But know this: it’s worth every hour in the air. Bali is a place where sunsets are too beautiful to be real, yet they are. Food is too delicious to be cheap, yet it is – and people are more welcoming than just about anywhere on earth. There’s jungles, beaches, surf and if you like to party, there’s a bit of that too.

Singapore Air has one of the world’s best premium economy experiences and right now you can experience it from the East Coast or the West Coast for around $1050. It’s not at all uncommon to find economy flights to Bali going for more than that, which makes this one heck of a deal.

You can start from New York or Los Angeles at the lowest prices, and San Francisco, Seattle or Houston for a bit more.

a landscape with clouds and mountainsThe Dates You Can Travel

These deals allow you to visit Bali from August thru November 2019. If you want the most sun, aim for August or September, but even during rainy season from October onward you’re likely to get some sun most days of the week for at least a few hours. It’s tropical weather, it changes by the minute. To lock in the lowest prices you’ll need to stay in Bali at least two nights, which shouldn’t be a problem.

two people walking on a beachHow To Book Bali In Premium

Five star airline Singapore Air has the hot hand with deals right now and Skyscanner has them for sale at the lowest prices. Here are the best deals from each starting point, like…

We’re not the kind of blog that tells you to hail an Uber in Bangkok (hint: there’s no Uber there), so we’ve made a bunch of tips to help you make the most of your time in Bali. Use these essential guide to Bali tourist mistakes to avoid things you shouldn’t do and find things you actually should do. Bali is amazing, if you know how to do it the right way. Have a wonderful trip!

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